About Us

Mission - Empowering & Informing The Rental Community.

Whose v. Who's

In the name, we use the possessive form of the word ‘who' because we're giving renters ownership of their living situation by putting housing in their hands. Through landlord reviews, community insights, neighborhood engagement, and available listings, we're ensuring that all WYL renters have a smooth and quality experience throughout their search and stay. For home providers, we’re providing feedback on ways they can improve, providing renter snapshots so they can better understand who they’re renting to, and we’re creating simple tools to seamlessly post and get rentals booked. Take ownership of your living situation and join the #WYLCommunity.


Be an ambassador for your community. Help people to connect the dots and make solid, firm decisions on where they should live next or on who is the ideal renter for an available living space. The only way a community grows is by consistent, dedicated input by its members. For renters — share the good, bad, and ugly you've previously experienced or are currently experiencing. For home providers — share endorsements and give your good renters a leg up when they're looking to other spaces. If they were good to you, be good to them.

For any questions about how to approach a situation or, if you need assistance, email us at help@wylandlord.com.

If you have a story that you feel is WYL Blog worthy, share it with us blog@wylandlord.com!

If you have a dire housing emergency, please call 911.

Spread the Word

Information is best utilized when shared with others. If you've found WYL to be helpful for you, share this platform with your friends, family, and amongst your networks. And, if you have ideas on how we can get better, please email us directly at letstalk@wylandlord.com. We don't bite. We're here to help. We want to make the future of renting one of quality, accountability, and transparency. Join the #WYLCommunity today.