No, a landlord is unable to delete a posted review by a #wylcommunity member. You are, however, granted the right to respond to a comment directly. This way you can praise or address any comments left previously.
If there is any excessively obscene language used (as deemed excessive by the WYL curation team) in association with your profile and company, you may flag the comment which will notify us about its need to be reviewed. You will receive an automated email upon submission of a flag and when we’ve made our judgment call on the comment.

No, this is strictly forbidden and your landlord profile will be terminated.

No, once a user signs up as a landlord, WYL makes them ineligible to post reviews as a normal #wylrenter would.

We’re always happy when our #wylhomeproviders encourage their current/past renters to post reviews on the quality of service. This helps you get in front of your social brand and it helps to provide insight from people who lived with you. The best times to encourage your renters to review you is immediately following a maintenance request, prior to moving out, and prior to renewing a lease.

You can become a verified #wylhomeprovider by maintaining high marks on your profile. If you consistently receive high reviews, don’t worry, we’ll be contacting you soon about becoming a verified home provider. Once contacted, we’ll mail you the window decal and your earned certificate.

Absolutely, you can always update your listings plan by entering your dashboard and editing your “billing” settings. There, you can select from a drop down menu the number of new units you wish to display.
There’s two ways. Upon signing up to WYL, you can immediately take ownership of the page once you’ve been approved. We’ll have you submit an image of an old bill to verify your identity as the person/company. Once approved, you’re all set. You can also reach the same approval step by coming across your profile on the site and clicking the link “I’m the landlord.”
Certainly. Through the free package, you can still manage your dashboard and respond to reviews posted by #wylrenters.
Nope, you can post as many units as you have.
WYL listings have priority in apartment search results and will be displayed to users first.
We enable our landlord users to upload their own listings and we use our own web aggregation tool to show listings from partner MLS and ILS sites.
Yes, organic listings posted to WYL will be starred and highlighted to the user.
We ask our landlords to refresh their listings every two weeks. We’re very serious about this. We do not condone of old listings being used as click bait to drive interaction with you or your company. If a user doesn’t update their listings periodically, we will automatically remove them from the platform after 30 days.
This is fine and happens, at times. In this event, once you receive the email asking you to update your listings, you must simply click the link to update and select no changes to report before pressing the submit button.
#wylrenters searching for housing can click on the “contact” button on the listing detail page. You will receive the prospective renter’s email address, cell number, and message via email.
Please, alert us of any questionable emails by forwarding them to [email protected] for further review.
Please, alert us of any unruly renters in our community by forwarding your correspondences to [email protected] for further review.
Please email us at [email protected] with the issue you’re facing and one of our sales assistance will help you from there.
Absolutely. We have our SSL certificate. All pages beginning with “https” are secured.
What system does WYL use to accept payment?
Yes, whenever you’d like to upgrade your listings plan, you may do so from the “billing” section of your dashboard.