BUILD has one job - to pour into the cup of the Leaders that Build our Communities each and every day.

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Our Focuses Include
Monthly Community Dinners
Quarterly Initiatives & Event
Mental Health & Wellness Resources
Community Building Workshops

Growing up, our mothers would have been the perfect candidate for BUILD's services. They constantly take on the woes of everyone from their children, to even their husbands. But, who does mom go to with her woes?

This phenomena is often represented with the phrase "Check on your strong friends." The reality is, we have Community Champions who give their all every single day and we're often missing the opportunities to refill their cups. Their vessels.

BUILD aims to provide brave spaces for these Leaders to convene, to have authentic conversations, to improve their mental wellness, and to BUILD themselves back up when their Life's work can often go thankless in the world we live in today.
Build Leadership

David Kalinoski, LMSW/MPH

Executive Director

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Ofo Ezeugwu

Founder & CEO

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Getting Involved

As an organization that’s all about cultivating community, we recognize the importance of having a dope in-house community that make up our team.

If you’re an open-hearted, generous, leader who is looking to help push our aim of bridgeging culture, community, and information together, BUILD wants you.

If you’re a community advocate and can appreciate our mission but can’t contribute in person, there’s another way. As a non-profit organization, we run on funding and generous contributions from people like you. 100% of your contribution goes towards events and resources.

  • Providing housing legal aid
  • Speaking at our events
  • Gifting resources to the community
  • Volunteering your time
Every effort is appreciated effort.
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Want to become a leader?

David Kalinoski
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Want to organize an event?

Ofo Ezeugwu
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