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WYL Take Ownership Podcast EP. 16: Jason Rosario

With the goal to inspire, activate, and nurture the development of well-rounded men, Jason Rosario is the founder of The Lives of Men (TLoM), an integrated media and consulting company dedicated to providing men with healthier frameworks of masculinity.

In addition to running TLoM, Jason is also the executive producer and host of the Yahoo! News original series, "Dear Men". In this episode of our Take Ownership Podcast, Jason talks to us about working with the youth, valuing the importance of media, and why we should not subscribe to the narrative of others.

Working With The Youth...

“We underestimate our young people” says Jason. “I don’t talk over them or under them, I talk to them and I talk with them. They understand more than we give them credit for.” Jason also goes on to mention that his role working with young men includes telling them to focus on what they have to do instead of wrapping up their self-worth through being validated by women. “Young men are not too young to listen to this” says Jason. “The mistake that we often make is that we think that young men are too young to have these conversations.”

Media and Representation...

“There’s a reason why I structured the lives of men as a media company” says Jason. “Media and representation matter. If young people are not spending time with their family and they are on their phones and their laptops, I want to be there. I think that it’s important that we find young people where they are and introduce these messages.”

Message For The People…

“If I had to distill what I have been able to accomplish over the last couple of years to three things, I would tell people to trust themselves and believe in themselves, surround themselves with people who believe in them, and do not subscribe to the notions and narratives that other people might have about you” says Jason. “There are a lot of people out here that talk about what we should do, who we should be, who we have been, who we are going to be, and what we can and cannot do. However, this is their narrative, not ours.” Jason also mentions that as long as we do not subscribe to this narrative and keep pushing, we will be fine.”

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