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Warm Up Your Home With These 5 Tropical Colors

There’s nothing like a burst of tropical colors to put you in the mood for summer. Vibrant shades like turquoise, tangerine, canary yellow, fuchsia, coral will brighten up your mood and boost your energy. There are plenty of ways to introduce this tropical spectrum of colors to your own home, from just details to a full-on tropical vibe. In the end, it all depends on what you’d like to achieve. If you need a bit of advice to get you started on your tropical design project, keep on reading.

  vibrant colors in home decor

1. Get inspired with canary yellow!

In order to bring out the tropical feel in your home, don’t hesitate to spend some time finding the inspiration you need for this project. After all, you may want to evoke some fun holiday memories or create a place in your home where you can feel like you’re on holiday. Look through your holiday photos, check the magazines, and, obviously, browse the Internet for images that will light that inspiration spark in you. However, it’s worth mentioning that a happy color such as canary yellow is absolutely perfect for boosting your creative juices all year round.


2. Mix and match bold colors, but don’t forget fuchsia

Obviously, in order to create a tropical paradise in your home, you need to use proper colors to match the whole tropical vibe. Therefore, don’t shy away from bold and vibrant shades. However, it’s important that you choose the color combos carefully so that you don’t go overboard with the colorfulness. If you want one color to start from, or just one color to be the striking bright shade, definitely go for fuchsia. It’s bold, striking, fun, yet depending on what other shades you pair it with, it can also be very refreshing and elegant. Muted shades such as sky blue, butter yellow, and sage green can look absolutely amazing with the whole tropical theme and fuchsia.


3. Have fun with patterns with a touch of coral

You don’t have to stick to simple shades just because you’re using bold colors. Actually, patterns are the perfect option for those of you looking to create a tropical-like environment in your home. So, you have plenty of options to choose from. This includes both furniture and patterns of other accessories, but also patterns that you can use for wallpaper as well. Still, precisely because this can be a bit overwhelming, it would be best to choose a specific pattern and then go about decorating the rest of your tropics-inspired space with the bold shades featured on the pattern. If you’re scared of using really bold wallpaper patterns from the start, your best choice will be wallpaper that features coral as its main shade. This particular color mixes well with other shades, and can adequately warm up your space without looking too overwhelming. That way you can be sure that the whole look will be harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.


4. Embrace the eclectic style and turquoise

It seems that Australia is setting the trends, not only when it comes to fashion and beauty, but home design as well. That said, the amazingly detailed eclectic design trend is definitely something that’s getting more and more popular – together with the most gorgeous turquoise shade. The beauty of this particular style lies in the fact that you can make it your own in an instant. Mixing and matching different styles, textures, colors, and patterns are perfect if you want to create vibrant tropics eclectically. However, the true nature and glory of any eclectic style are undoubtedly characterized by the luscious turquoise that fuses all other style elements together. Not to mention that you can even design your entire home with different styles in mind; after all, this is something professional builders from Sydney are already experienced in.


5. Add your own tropical touch with tangerine

You don’t have to use exclusively tropical patterns or go on a hunt for accessories that scream tropics in order to achieve the look you desire. In the end, it’s all about the colors you choose to use. In that respect, you have the freedom to create a whole story with your home design, and warm it up and enrich it with the tropical vibe. For example, mixing modern elements with tropical shades is one of the most popular ways to transform and refresh your home these days. When this particular trend is concerned, you better jump on the tangerine shade wagon, as it’s definitely the one bright shade that can make a huge difference when introduced to the contemporary interior.

This project is really fun, but it’s also challenging. After all, you need to carefully think through the approach you’re going to take, and the way you want the chosen colors and patterns to match. Of course, the part of the fun is to figure things out as you go, but if you want this to turn into a successful and rewarding design process, it’s paramount that you at least have an idea of how the end result should look.