Three Ideas for Creating an Inspiring Art Gallery at Home

There is something uniquely appealing about gallery walls. Have you ever wished that you could have something similar in the comfort of your own home? As a renter, it's crucial to find ways to spruce up a boring white wall, since many landlords will not allow any painting of walls. A DIY gallery wall might be the right solution for you if you want to customize a blank wall in any of your rooms.

Having even one gallery wall in your home will add a unique statement that will surely impress guests and yourself when you're all done with it. Besides being an excellent way to let your creativity loose, a gallery wall also brings forward your own unique personality. If you follow some of these useful tips and tricks, your own art gallery wall will be more than phenomenal.

Before diving into the whole creative process, you should definitely consider some key design tips that will help with the project. 

Decide on a style
Before you begin planning your wall, you should have a clear vision on what you would like it to showcase. One of the most important things that you must consider is choosing an appropriate style. Some of the most common types of gallery walls are the Classic style, the Eclectic style, and the Monochromatic style.

The Classic style is an excellent choice if you want to achieve a balanced look. Try to mix and match the artwork you want on your wall, and if possible, stick to one or two colors. If you want a classic look, you will want to choose neutral colors which will add to the sophisticated and chic look.

The Eclectic style is great for people who want to incorporate some variety and interest into the look of the wall. In contrast to the previous style where order and simplicity is preferred, the eclectic style can be more creative and disorderly. You can add little rustic elements to an otherwise simple design to give the whole composition a romantic feeling. If you go eclectic, feel free to play with different materials, textures, and objects.

The Monochromatic style oozes elegance and sophistication. If this is what you want to achieve, your best bet is to stick to monochromatic images, which are either black, white, or sepia tone. It's best to keep all your picture frames the same size for this style, and if you can, hang your artwork at eye level.

Artistic souls who are struggling to find a wall appropriate for the project do not have to worry! Multifunctional Screenflex portable room dividers are here to save the day. Instead of hanging your items on an empty wall, you can pin or simply staple the art onto the panels. The room dividers work just as well as a bulletin board. 

Choose a theme
Although disorder is great if you are going for the eclectic style, you should still stick to one overarching theme. For instance, crazy animal prints will make your room feel outdoorsy and adventurous. Bonus tip: Play with different everyday objects that you usually have in your room. For example, most people have a television in their living room. A great way to dress these an object like this up is to incorporate it into the project. Mix and match the modern feel of an electronic device with some rustic artwork!

Pick a layout
The hardest part of putting together your own DIY gallery wall will be planning out the final layout. You can choose any number of different layouts—such as the grid, column, or salon. The grid and column layouts are more geometrical and require careful measuring. The salon layout is more free flowing and has less rigid rules. Whichever you decide on, we suggest you use some pen and paper to plan out your wall before committing to your final plan.

By following some of these helpful tips and tricks, and with some effort and a lot of creativity, you will definitely be able to put together a lovely project. Finally, you will be able to have your own chic art gallery wall at home!

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