The 5 Reasons Why Marble Countertops Are Perfect for Your Kitchen

The beauty of home decor is that it's an opportunity for you to design your home as you wish. In fact, the kitchen is a great place to add some stand-out features and a unique countertop is a great way to get your kitchen to pop! Fortunately, kitchen countertop options are endless; you can choose from different species of natural and engineered stone, with a wide variety ranging from granite to marble, from limestone to soapstone, and from cement to wood. The range practically drives homeowners to insanity, considering they have no idea where to start with their selection.

We’re here to tell you that it’s time to put your worries aside. It’s time to trust us.

Let’s start this step-by-step reasoning guide off with one little fact: Marble countertops are timeless. The natural stone was created inside of the Earth after thousands of years genetically fabricating itself. The material is exceptionally durable and courageously sturdy, but the timelessness does not stop there. This stone ages with the utmost grace and it never once loses its value or its beauty. The natural substance is unique in itself, and one piece is guaranteed to never look like the next.

Have we won you over yet?

If not, that’s okay. We still have five reasons to give you before you make your final decision. Check them out below.

Reason #1: Every marble slab is 100% unique

We briefly mentioned this fact in the introduction, but we figured we’d tackle it one more time, as it’s such an essential piece of information to know and understand.

Marble is 100% unique. The depth is always different. The patterns are always arranged sporadically, unlike the one before, and unlike the one after it. The range of colors is endless.

Let’s brief this: If you choose marble for your kitchen countertops, rest assured that no other kitchen will have the same natural stone material as you do; the veining will always be different, and the characteristics will always be different. What you have is yours, and your marble countertop will look great in your kitchen.

Reason #2: Marble is affordable and accessible

Marble is unlike other natural stone options in that it is sold in a variety of price ranges. In other words, you’ll definitely find at least half a dozen options that will fit into your budgetary needs.

Not only that, but the natural stone material is super accessible – you can find it anywhere in the world, in any country, in any state, and in any city. There’s really no shortage.

Reason #3: There are certain measures you can take to ensure your marble is taken care of

The cons of marble are as follows:

-    Susceptible to stains

-    Susceptible to scratching

-    Susceptible to acid etching

There are ways around these problematic issues, though.

To keep your marble countertop basically free from stains, scratches, and etching, consider the following advice:

Hone Your Marble – Instead of choosing a polished finish for your kitchen countertop, choose a honed finish; honed finishes present your kitchen surfaces in a matte-like form, practically making it impossible to see any sort of stain, scratch, or etch. The smooth and modern look gives the material a different look – a look that makes it difficult to see any dullness whatsoever.

Seal Your Countertops Regularly – Seals are perfect for marble countertops. To sum things up, your countertop fabricator would have to apply an impregnating sealer to the surface of the material. The sealer would then fill into the pores underneath the stone’s surface to slow down the rate at which liquids absorb through the cracks – this will ultimately give you more time to clean up spills and things such as that. Use Trivets,

Placemats, and Coasters – Water rings happen. Coffee stains appear. Spaghetti sauce spills. Hot pans burn. Things happen. Avoid these instances by covering areas that are susceptible to such damage with trivets, placemats, and coasters. If a spill does occur, clean up the mess as quickly as you can.

Reason #4: Marble is practically heat resistant

Marble is naturally cool in temperature; therefore, it is naturally heat resistant. White marble is specifically imperviable to heat, as it cannot conduct heat very well in the first place.

Here’s the thing; marble countertops are a perfect fit for those of you that are bakers. If you are a baker, you don’t want the dough for your cookies or the batter for your brownies sticking to your countertops; no! Instead, you want the mixtures to practically glide off the surface without leaving any of the goods behind.

Well, that’s where the marble countertop comes in handy. The cool temperature works well with the needs of a baker, and the white marble countertops are the utmost best thing for a baker.

What’s another bonus? If you do choose to install marble countertops, you’ll prevent your kitchen from steaming up during your meal prep stages, as it is a naturally cool surface (like we keep telling you).

Reason #5: Natural stone options, like marble, will increase the value of your home

If you’re looking to sell your house in the near future, or even the distant future, marble is a good countertop choice to go with. Potential buyers look for natural stone surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom – that’s just a logical fact. Plus, if you do have marble countertops, that will show potential buyers that you have unique and beautiful interior design taste and that you genuinely do care for your home.

If you’re still on the fence with your choice of what to install in your kitchen, head on over to a local countertop fabricator shop. Before you make a final decision, ask the fabricator to supply you with a small sample of honed marble and a small sample of polished marble. Take it home. Test it out. See how the surface reacts to stains, scratches, and etching. Figure out if this material is right for you.

While you’re considering this natural stone for your countertop, be sure to remember all the details we told you about. If the polished version stains, scratches, and etches faster than the honed version, remember what we communicated to you on the topic.

Don’t throw away the idea of marble just for a small fact. Consider all the information we provided you with today, and then make an educated decision. We’re sure you’ll decide the right course of countertop action for you.


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