The Secrets to Living Large in a Small Space

Just because you don’t have hundreds of square feet at your disposal, it doesn’t mean you must sacrifice comfort and style in your home. There are many amazing tricks that will help you live large in a small space. So, don’t be lazy to employ some of them and get the home you deserve! Take a look.

Reimagine your furniture placement

If you feel like your space doesn’t really “flow”, the thing to blame is often your furniture arrangement! Start by picturing your living space empty and totally ignoring your current layout. The best arrangement that fits most spaces is to “float” the sofa in the middle of the space and then work around it. This way, you can use the space behind it for dining, the space to the side for additional seating and end tables and the space to the front for the TV and shelving. Placing a console behind the couch is also a great way to add extra counter space and boost storage!

Improve your dining experience

Even the smallest dining nook can become spacious with a few smart touches. For instance, see-through furniture like clear chairs or glass tables will not disturb your line of sight and makes the space look bigger. Also, there are practical fold-out tables that can appear when you need them and disappear into the wall when not in use!

Get a few mirrors

Here’s a foolproof interior design secret you can easily use in your small home—mirrors! They will not only serve as a nice décor element but also create an illusion of larger space and add depth to your home. Also, they bounce the light and scatter it across the space and therefore boost illumination which is always a good thing. Even if you don’t have a free wall to hang a mirror on, you can simply place a large leaning mirror by your wall for a chic and eclectic vibe!

Shine on

It’s truly a miracle what good lighting can do for space! A combination of ceiling lights, table lamps, and floor lamps can really transform your space and give it the airy and comfortable vibe every home deserves. Plus, lighting often takes up very little space, so you don’t have to worry about creating clutter or overfilling your home! Today, there are so many affordable electrical goods that might be perfect for your apartment. Choose from the assortment of attractive lamps, hanging pendants and other useful electronics and you’ll definitely find something that fits your interior design style and needs! Just make sure to position your lighting in a way that will illuminate dark corners and give you enough task light to make your space comfortable and practical. Once you let your fixtures shine on, you’ll forget all about your tiny square footage!

Utilize awkward spaces

Another secret to large living in a small space is utilizing all spaces, no matter how small and awkward they are. Even the oddest of corners can be transformed into practical storage or extra seating if you go custom! Or, you can turn them into little art galleries or greenery corners that will instantly liven up the entire room!

Employ the doors

Another part of a home that often goes unused is the back of the door. Getting a few hooks and racks can help free up some significant space! You can use them for hanging pots and pans on pantry doors in the kitchen or hanging hair styling tools and products on the bathroom cabinet doors! This will keep your necessities at arm’s reach but away from view!

Rethink your bathroom furniture

If you want to add some style and function to your small bathroom, bring in some furniture! A tiny, slender table can be used for storage and counter space, while a nice chair is perfect for perching clean towels. They take up very little space but still give you so much in return.

Boost your window treatment

Small spaces often all look the same because of the lack of design options for them. However, you don’t have to sacrifice any floor space in order to boost the look of your tiny bedroom or living room. Hang your lush draperies almost from the ceiling and let them pool on your floor to add the illusion of height. Layering draperies is also a practical yet beautiful way to add interest to your tiny space.

Go all in with decoration

Minimalism will maybe make the space look bigger, but it will also create a sterile and hostile vibe. So, make sure to invest in décor elements that will not take up too much space or create clutter but still boost your style and add warmth. Decorative pillows and throws are your perfect solution! They are affordable, cozy and can easily be changed when you get tired of the color or pattern! Don’t let your tiny home prevent you from living your best life! Utilize these amazing ideas and you’ll turn your small space into a real palace!