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How to Save Money with Regular Home Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is always cheaper than emergency repairs, so having a good maintenance plan is key to having a full wallet. Also, regular maintenance isn’t very expensive, time-consuming or super-complicated. Most of the things you can do yourself in half an hour. Let’s see which home maintenance projects are the most important ones and which save you the most money.

Check your AC

Most people don’t even think about their AC until it stops working properly, and fixing it can cost a lot. However, if you inspect it regularly, you can spare yourself from both unnecessary repairs and trouble of living without an AC. Check the condensation hose, create a drainage path to keep water away from your home and regularly clean the screen around your unit and remove all dust and debris that might block the airflow. These check-ups will not only keep the internal parts in top shape for a long time but also prevent your AC from using more power than necessary.

Paint touch-ups

If you care about your curb appeal, then you can’t let your exterior paint get chipped and dirty. However, repainting the whole house can put a strain on your bank account, but you can save money by making little touch-ups to your paint now and then. Find the color that matches your facade (the best way to do so is to save some paint when you renovate) and paint over the damaged and dirty spots. No need for a whole repaint project!

Toilet leaks

If you have a leaky toilet, you will not only have to pay for wasted water but also invest in fixing potential water damage to the floor, walls and toilet fixtures. So, once you notice a leak, tend to it immediately. You most likely have a problem with the flapper in the tank, or you have some cracks in the pipes. Both of these can be easily taken care of by you or your plumber. Check this link.

Drippy faucets

If a constant drip-drip-drip from the faucet is driving you crazy, you probably have a problem with the washer. They are easily replaced if you have the right tools. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t want to risk a flood, better ring your emergency plumber and they will fix your leaky faucet before it turns into a disaster.

Cool off

Your refrigerator door seal should be tight to reduce the amount of energy it takes to keep food nice and fresh and prevent premature wear on the internal parts. If your fridge’s seal isn’t doing its job anymore, it’s maintenance time! Also, if you have a model with coils on the back, make sure the coils are free of dust and dirt. If they’re dirty, they will reduce the efficiency of your fridge or even cause a complete breakdown of the cooling system.

Stop draughts

Since you’re already spending almost 50% of your utility money on heating and cooling, you might as well stop all energy loss and keep your bill at the minimum. The usual place where you waste energy is windows. To fix drafty windows, check the caulk and replace it if it’s cracked, dry or weathered. New caulk costs around $5, but faulty windows can cost over $5,000 to fix!

Roof inspection

If you want to avoid expensive water damage, make sure your roof is in tip-top shape. Climb up there and check for damaged, discolored and missing shingles. Replacing a few damaged shingles is much cheaper than total roof replacement!

Keep your home well-maintained to save money, energy and time. It will also increase the longevity of your fixtures, appliances and existing structures, and boost your property’s value. So, grab your tool belt and get to work now!