Life Hacks  

Protect Your Stuff

Now that late spring is here, and we’re in the middle of peak rental season, it’s time to make sure you’re doing everything possible to get the new digs set up right. Beyond buying the right stuff to deck out your interior and changing your mailing address over to the new spot’s, you need to make sure ALL your stuff is protected.

How do you protect your stuff?

You get renters’ insurance. Many renters think they don’t own much stuff and therefore it’s not worth the sunk cost each month. That’s a very warped way to look at this. The average two bedroom contains as much as $20,000 in contents. Although this is the case, 56% of millennial renters don’t nab up renters’ insurance. A $15 - $30 payment a month could save you so much heartache should a natural disaster, robbery, or any other funny business occur.

Realize – your building owner is not responsible for your stuff should something go wrong. They’re interested in the stability and protection of their building and its units. Your renters’ insurance primarily covers three areas: 

  • Replacement of your belongings, should a stressing event occur
  • Liabilities, should some mishap occur that affects a visitor
  • Your stay, should your place become inhabitable and you’re not trying to shack up at mom and dad’s.

WYL is a key partner with Allstate in the effort to help direct our community of renters to put themselves in the best position to succeed. If you’re on that 56% list I mentioned before, do yourself a favor and protect your stuff. If you bulk different insurances together, you can earn yourself pretty sizeable discounts. For example, if you’re getting a new car - hook that auto insurance up with the insurance plans for your new rental home.

You can get started right now and receive a free quote by popping over to Allstate!