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Preparing Your Kitchen For Summer Gatherings

It's nearly summertime, which means we're getting ready for beautiful weather, delicious eats, and awesome hangouts. Summer is the perfect time to have food, drinks, and fun with friends, family, and neighbors - is your home ready for it? Whether you're gearing up for gatherings in your apartment or setting the stage for a backyard barbecue, your kitchen most likely needs some prepping. Get your kitchen in gear with this quick and easy tips!

Get organized.

This tip is helpful in two ways. For starters, you don't want to be hosting a gathering and scrambling to find what you need in the kitchen. Organizing your fridge, pantry, and pots and pans will make accessing what you need simpler when the time to entertain comes. By organizing, you're also able to make a shopping list. While you're organizing, take an inventory of the things you have and make a note of the things you might need. The last thing you want to have to do is run to the store for chocolate if you're planning to make smores with your guests! entertaining in your apartment

Create an open environment.

If your kitchen is cluttered, put things away where they belong prior to hosting an event. Ideally, you'll want a space to serve food and drink that people can gather around to enjoy and socialize. Whether you have a kitchen made for entertaining or your living room is more ideal for a crowd, make the space more interesting by including a centerpiece (preferably¬†made of seasonal florals or vibrant citrus fruits!) and decorative plates, glasses, and silverware.  

Ready the herb garden.

Nothing makes the flavors of a meal burst like fresh herbs. Installing an herb garden is an easy way to amplify the flavors you present to your guests. Whether you grow your herbs in a patch outside or over your third-story windowsill, herb gardens are a practical and economical way to get your hands on basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, and other herbs as you need them.

Break out the summer appliances.

You've probably lost track of your blender - after all, who wants a frozen daiquiri in the middle of the winter? Dust the cobwebs off of those appliances deemed for "summer use." Think your blender, ice cream maker, and possibly even your food processor. You'll need easy access to them if you're going to be entertaining this summer.

Get some fresh ideas.

If you enjoy cooking, you might have found that some of your recipes have started to feel a bit tired. Update what you're whipping up in the kitchen with some twists on old classics or completely new recipes you've never tried before! Whether it's from your favorite cooking network, a magazine, or grandma's old cookbooks, spruce up your recipe repertoire with some unique ideas.
Enjoy your summer festivities! Stay tuned to Whose Your Landlord for the best in summertime party tips.