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Keeping Your Home Protected While You're Down The Shore

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. That means backyard barbecues, shore trips, and that coveted extra day off from work. It's the national holiday that signifies the not-so-official start of the summer season. People across the nation pack their trunks up and head to shore points far and wide to enjoy themselves for the long weekend.
  While you're spending time at the beach, on the boardwalk, or bar-hopping from your favorite shore hot spots, you're probably not giving much consideration to the things you left behind. Summer is prime time for burglaries to occur. Criminals know that many people own second homes down the shore, so they watch carefully, plotting their move.     Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ to deter attempted robbery while you're away this summer. If you're planning to head to a shore point this Memorial Day weekend, make sure everything stays safe at home with these tips:

Make it feel like you're home

Unoccupied homes are burglars favorite. The solution is simple - make your house seem occupied! Set your lights to turn on and off with a timer. For added effect, have different lights turn on at different times and in different areas of your home. This will lead any outsider to believe you're home, moving throughout the motions of your day as you normally would. If your home has more than one car, leave that in the driveway to further the illusion that someone is home.  

Find a house sitter

Having a friend or family member "house sit" for you is the best deterrent to burglary. With your home occupied, there is less of a chance that someone would be willing to break in. In some unfortunate cases, home invasions happen with people in the home. This is why having additional security measures in place is helpful.  

Invest in a security system

No matter what kind of budget you're on, you can find a home security solution that's right for you. If you're on a tight budget, invest in a home security system you can install yourself. Essentially, these are webcams that you can access from your phone or tablet. While these systems won't actually alert the authorities that your home is being invaded, you are able to check on the well-being of your things and alert the right people if it's necessary. If you don't think you can put a price on protecting your home, invest in a legitimate home security system that puts sensors on all of your doors and windows, alerting the authorities if there is a breach in security. These systems can also be accessed from your phone. Whichever route you take, you'll be able to sleep easy knowing you can check in on your belongings at any time.  

Imply that you're home is protected

If you're super cheap about home security, install a sign that indicates that you have a system in place (even if you don't have one). Intruders don't know the kind of set up you have! Tricking them into thinking that you have security sensors and cameras around your home can inspire them to leave your property along and move on to another house that doesn't have security. They're not out to have a difficult night - they're looking for the home with the least amount of obstacles to break into.
Knowing what burglars look for is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your possessions. Enjoy your time down the shore this summer, worry-free!