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In a few days, WYL is changing the way you find your next home.

For the past two years, WhoseYourLandlord has enabled renters to rate their landlords and housing complexes…Well, come Sunday evening, WYL will enable renters to find their next home, as well.


When we first launched two years ago, we wanted to be old school, bold, and colorful in design. From the beginning, we set out to march to our own drum. And, that’s exactly what we’ve done. Our new layout and design possesses splashes of the bold colors and visual nuances WYL is known for while also tying in a newer, more seamless and lightweight design which properly introduces WYL to 2015.

Search made simple

Part of the design overhaul included making our search simpler and more intuitive for the end user. The second you land on the homepage, you instantly feel the difference. As someone searching for housing, you know what’s important to you. Our job is merely to place the options in front of you. Use the intuitive search to view home provider reviews, apartments in your area, and university living options. If you elect to just jump right to it, the top nav bar features a quick search option for your convenience.

User Profiles

We think this piece will be one of the bigger game changers. WYL is making renting social. Renters will now be able to log in via Facebook and create a WYL profile. This is key because as the renter is signing up, they’ll be prompted to fill out a simplified rental app in which they can opt to update at any point in time. The section below explains why this is important.

Waiting Lists

As a renter, when you find a place you like, whether available or unavailable at the time, favorite it and place your name to the waiting list. This will alert the home provider that you have interest in the property. If you’re close to the kind of renter most suitable for the property, the landlord will receive your simple rental app and will be provided your contact info to reach out. No more paper apps, no more scouring a bunch of sites to find the housing you want. Add your name to the waiting lists,


Connect with fellow renters, connect with your home provider, connect with us…WYL is moving to create a community amongst renters worldwide. Upon launch, you’ll have access to all of WYL’s insights and recent posts. In the near future, the WYL Community will enable renters to ask questions to WYL, to each other, and to receive advanced insight overall. Plug in and stay connected.

Upcoming new features, stay tuned…

While we don’t want to put EVERYTHING out there just yet, know that we have some pretty exciting features coming soon that will make our users’ experience even better. The WYL team is always thinking, moving, and iterating. You all support us by contributing your experiences to the community and we pay you back by making your rental search experience as seamless as possible. Follow the movement and take ownership of your situation.