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I Want to Move...Now What?

Congrats! You are thinking about moving to a new home…now what do you need to do to make it happen? While a lot of big steps seem self-explanatory in the housing process, there are a lot of crucial details that renters forget to consider until it is too late. To have the most optimal home-hunting experience and beyond, WhoseYourLandlord has your back and created a list of those details you will probably miss.  

moving to-do list

Check to see if it is in your budget

First and foremost when you are apartment hunting, it is crucial that you make sure that you can comfortably swing the rent month to month. A good rule of thumb to go by is to make sure your rent is no more than half of one month’s paycheck. Example: if you get paid twice a month, make sure your rent is not larger than the amount of one of those checks. Remember to also factor in things such as utilities, wifi, cable, and renter’s insurance.  

Research the Area

Where is the nearest public transportation option? How far is this apartment from a grocery store? Are there any late night food options? Where are the washer and dryer located? Logistical questions that affect your day-to-day routine that you might not think of right away are important to consider before you pick the location of your new home. Make sure to walk around the surrounding area during the daytime as well as night to make sure that you would feel safe at all times once you move in.  

Read Reviews

Before you settle on a place or a landlord, make sure to read reviews onWhoseYourLandlord to see what past and present tenants think of their home as well as the landlord. If there are issues, this is the perfect way to find out before you sign the lease. If tenants agree that their home and home provider had quality service, you can rest assured knowing that you are in for a comfortable housing experience.  

Remember to Save Up Extra $$

When you even apply for an apartment, there are fees that you need to be aware of. Application fees, putting down first and last month’s rent, plus the security can add up fast- make sure you are financially ready for it!  

Here are the necessary items in order to successfully fill out your apartment application.

  • Application fee
  • Landlord References
  • Credit Check
  • Background Check
  • Cosigner/Guarantor Application
  • Proof of Income
  • Lease

What should I look for when I’m walking through an apartment/house?

  • Property was recently  treated for pest control
  • Appliances are all in working order
  • Floors and walls don’t have scuffs or damage
  • Walls and baseboards are crack-free (if they have cracks, this could be a sign of structural damage)
  • Carpets are clean
  • Cabinets/drawers all open and close with ease
  • Blinds pull up and down without a jam
  • Sinks are leak-free (turn on the water and make sure the pipes do not leak)
  • Water pressure is not too low
  • Shower heads work
  • Hot water turns on within seconds
  • Toilets all flush
  • Drains in all sinks and shower are not clogged
  • Batteries in the fire alarms are not dead
  • Windows/doors open and close properly
  • Locks for doors/windows are secure
  • Every light switch works
  • Every outlet works (bring a phone charger and plug your phone into every outlet for a quick test)
  • Air conditioning and heating both work (you don’t want to be stuck without heat in a chilly winter!)

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