Starting Your Own Rose Garden

Roses are symbolic of passion, beauty, and love. Typically when we think of roses, our minds are drawn to Valentine's Day or romantic gestures, but many people choose to grow roses in their gardens to beautify their landscape and enjoy their majesty just because! June is National Rose Month and we're celebrating by telling you the best way to start a rose garden of your own.

Choose a spot with plenty of sun.

Roses grow best in full sun, so pick a place around your home or apartment that the sun shines the most. If you don't have a spot that receives sun all day long, choose a place that gets the most sun in the morning. Typically, the eastern or southern side of your home or building will work best. Ensure that the ground you'll be planting in is level, and avoid planting in low spots where water can pool. Pooled water can attract disease, root rot, or fungi to form.

Test the soil.

Like any good gardening project, you should test the soil before you plant. You can purchase testing kits at your local big box or home improvement store. If your soil is too acidic, you can use lime to regain a balance. Use it in moderation though, as too much can lead to problems with your plants. gardening tools to plant roses

Prepare the soil.

Once you've tested the soil and taken the necessary steps to regulate it, you'll want to mix peat moss into the soil. Peat moss is for acid-loving plants, like roses, and will help them grow vibrantly and beautifully. To properly mix it into the soil, dig at least 12 inches down, then turn the soil and mix. It's important to do this to the entire soil bed, not just the places you'll be planting the roses.

Buy roses.

Roses come in a few ways. You can find bare root roses, which are roses that have started to grow that have been transported without any soil. You can also purchase pre-potted roses, which are pre-grown roses that have been lept in their soil. Head to your local home and garden store and speak with a seasoned professional about the type of rose that will grow best in your geographical area. how to plant a rose garden

Start planting!

To plant bare root roses, soak them overnight to rehydrate the plant. Then, dig a hole slightly larger than the root size, insert the root, and backfill the soil gently around the rose. If you've purchased pre-potted roses, dig a larger hole and place the rose, soil, root system, and all, into the hole, gently squeezing the soil to loosen the roots.

Maintain and watch them bloom.

Typically, weekly waterings are good for your rose bed. It's all about checking the soil. Remember that the top soil will always appear dry, so do some digging to check the deeper soil. If you notice that the soil in your area retains water, you'll be able to water less frequently. As long as the soil at the root of the roses is moist, you'll have no problem keeping them healthy.
Now it's time to sit back and enjoy your hard work! For added ease of maintenance, you can install a top level of mulch in the color of your choice to help keep the soil moist for a longer period of time. Growing roses doesn't have to be a high-maintenance process. Follow these tips and tricks to watch your own roses start to bloom!
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