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Fireworks Safety

Throughout the summer, it's almost guaranteed you'll hear the snap, crackle, pop, or fizz of a firework at some point. Whether you're setting them off yourself or watching them from afar, there are a few safety tips you should keep in mind!
Fireworks can be extremely dangerous if they aren't used safely and properly. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, four people died and more than 11,000 were badly injured by fireworks in 2016. To keep yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighborhood safe, observe these fireworks safety tips: firework safety

Know the law.

Fireworks should always be used outside, plain and simple. Obey the local laws regarding fireworks use. Check the fireworks laws in your state here.

Know your fireworks.

There are so many varieties of fireworks on the market. When you purchase them, make sure you read the label prior to send off. This will contain a description of the firework along with any warnings and safety information you may need, like the distance from a home you should be prior to lighting. Don't try to make your own fireworks, as this could result in complete disaster. If you see someone trying to use illegal explosives in your neighborhood (M-80s, quarter sticks, etc.), contact the authorities right away.

Be responsible.

Don't try to light fireworks under the influence. Similarly, don't let young children attempt to light or play with fireworks. Keep a bucket of water close by to extinguish any rogue fireworks. safe summer fireworks

Protect yourself.

Safety glasses are recommended, but not required, when lighting fireworks. You never know if a spark is going to randomly fly at your face. Safety goggles are a precautionary step to prevent permanent damage to your eyes.

Slow your roll.

Light fireworks one at a time - you're not putting a production on in a Disney park, so you don't need to light a line of 60 fireworks and hope for the best. Instead, light them one at a time, quickly move away, and enjoy all of the splendor they have to offer. Doing this will make your fireworks last longer, too!

Finish strong.

Once a firework burns out, toss the remains into a bucket of water and let them soak for 20 minutes to ensure they won't relight. Never try to light a used firework! Toss the remains into a metal trash can or bin, keeping them away from combustible materials until your trash pickup. summer fireworks safety We all want to have a fun, exciting, safe summer! Enjoy all of the beauty fireworks bring by using them safely.