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Did you know? (All the things you can do outside of combat in the US Army)

Ask someone about the US Army and they’ll tell you all about war; their family who have served in previous wars, their stance on war. War, war, war.

More than War

The reality is, the US Army is way more than the combat we visualize when we hear the word “war.” To be honest, many of the available positions in the US Army never constitute picking up a gun. There are so many opportunities available beyond our fixed imaginations carved from TV and Netflix documentaries that we should really unpack.

During the last few months, WYL linked up with the US Army Philadelphia to say a few words to the folks who serve each and every day in various different ways. Did you know that the Army hires mechanics, secret intelligence folks, coders, communications experts, mathematicians, inventors, problem solvers, and much more? They also need doctors, internal officers, chefs, etc! The US Army is a world unto itself that’s tasked with defending our country through all kinds of issues.

Keeping the Country Safe takes a Village

Peep everything going on with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the massive scare that it has brought on to the world stage. As the US prepares to assist over 2000 people to board a cruise ship off the coast of Oakland, they must be prepared to safely distribute and care for the folks across military bases all over the US. This hefty task takes medicinal forces, strategic thinkers, transportation experts, and world health leaders to securely and safely ensure the American public is safe.

While we have your attention, some benefits of being in the army you may have never considered include:

  • Education - You could earn a full ride and receive merit-based scholarships
  • Vacation - 30 days paid annual vacation
  • Money - For books, food, and living expenses
  • Housing - Rent and utilities are paid
  • Healthcare - Opportunities for free and reduced care!
  • Finances - The VA Loan allows you to buy a home with no money down

These are just a few of the many positives the US Army offers!

From WYL’s perspective, not only are we proud to partner with an organization that’s defending our country, we’re also excited to see US Army Philadelphia’s commitment to educating our Philly Community on housing literacy and in allowing them to be treated fairly and justly in what can often be an asymmetrical paradigm (the rental housing industry).

Cheers to our service women and men all over the world! If you’re interested in learning more, visit

The WYL Team