Life Hacks  

Create a Peaceful Sanctuary in Your Backyard

Once the entire family is back from school and a busy day at work, you could all use a trip to nature and relax. However, the trip itself is another hassle. Why not use what you have at your disposal, the backyard? Create a piece of nature where you can relax and socialize at the convenience of your home.

A stroll around the garden

If you are a fan of the period dramas, you have noticed that throughout history, people have been using their gardens to enhance their thinking process. They would walk between the parts of their garden to relax and encourage the thinking process. You can do the same, even if you have a moderately small garden. You can make a curving path going between the features of your garden and back to the house. The path could be a simple concrete one or something more thought-provoking such as gravel or stepping stones. Gravel has its perks, as you can stimulate your feet by walking barefooted through it.


A quiet spot

Gardens usually have a seating area comfortably accommodated on the patio; however, the thinking process you have started during your stroll may require more. Create a secluded seating area at the far corner of your garden. You can shield it with trees and bushes or a green pergola to make it more private and more suitable for spending long periods of time in it. This can be anything from a simple bench to a hammock as long as it has the atmosphere which encourages conversation or offers privacy for reading and contemplating.


A water-feature

A pool is a nice feature to have in your garden. On the other side, if you ever consult a Feng-Shui master regarding your backyard, you will hear that the pool is not the most desired body of water, as it is still. Adding flowing water to your backyard, according to Feng-Shui, will bring good luck. Essentially, even without the use of ancient wisdom, the sound of water in your backyard will relax you. This is why you should add a fountain or a waterfall feature to your pool.


The patio

If you are looking into the typical patio area where the entire family can spend time, you should probably opt for a redwood deck. The wood will add the natural feel to your backyard. This type of deck is, first of all, beautiful to look at and sustainable. It only becomes better with age and it is durable. If you want to create natural shade, you can once again go for green or fabric pergola. If this does not fit the style of your home, or you don’t like having pergola too close to your house, you can use retractable awnings of natural colors. Make sure the furniture matches the style and the scale of the deck, the home, and the rest of your backyard.


Use it day and night

You can make your backyard equally serene and charming both, in broad daylight, or under the night sky. Let’s start with natural night-light – the Moon. You can add elements such as glossy surfaces which will reflect the light of the Moon when it is full and in its prime glow. Also, harvest the energy of the Sun during the day and use it through the led solar lights at night. These lights can be placed along your path to light the way, and in all other areas where you wish to increase visibility. Your pergola can be beautifully decorated with solar fairy lights which will retain the magic and the beauty of it, even at night. When it comes to the seating area, perhaps it is most relaxing and romantic to use candles.


The focal point

If you are looking for serenity, then adding structure to your life will help. Your garden may feel more relaxing and comforting if it is well organized. This does not exclude variety, but it includes focal points as a focus of each of the parts of your backyard. A focal point can be anything from a small rosebush to a fountain.  Create the pieces you want to shine and get most of your attention.

You can use these tips in your backyard, and again, you don’t have to. You can implement ancient philosophies, or don’t. Go by your instinct, see what feels good and make your decisions based on that. The most important thing is that you can enjoy creating the perfect garden and relax in it once it’s done.