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Colors That Calm Your Crib

There is no better feeling than coming home from a busy day and unwinding in your home. You may feel like the comfort of your furniture or the decor on your coffee table are what allow you to feel relaxed, but did you know that the color of a space can play heavily into your ability to calm down? Interior design experts have found that using certain colors in specific areas of your home can help you feel more relaxed when you're spending time in them.  Discover how to incorporate colors that exude calming auras throughout your home.
  calming colors for interior design
  • Blissful blues. Cool blues remind us of the sky and ocean, making these shades some of the most tranquil to use in your home. Pale blues offer a spacious feeling and are ideal for opening up small spaces like bathrooms. There are many different shades and variations of this beloved color, but the best hues to help unwind and relieve tension are soft blues. Cool blues remind us of the sky or ocean, making it easier for us to relax. These shades work in any space of a home, from kitchens to bathrooms, and even home offices.With many hues to choose from, selecting the perfect serene shade of blue is a breeze!
  colors to use in your apartment
  • Nurturing Neutrals. In general, neutral colors tend to be calming because of their light and airy qualities. Pale grays are optimal for a fresh and clean palette. This shade tends to have a bit more personality than other neutral shades, making it perfect for your living room or bedroom. Using neutrals allows your more freedom to accessorize with fun colors and patterns on bedding, throw pillows, and window treatments.
  calm colors for an apartment
  • Gleeful Greens. This is a very refreshing and tranquil color that reminds us of nature and all its beauty. Green is ideal for many areas of a home, the most tranquil shades being beige greens and pale-yellow greens. In addition to these colors being calming, they're also very workable neutrals that pair easily with a variety of furniture colors. Like blue, green has many peaceful shades that remind us of nature’s fresh scenery. While deep vibrant greens can be hectic, softer variations such as beige greens and pale-yellow greens make for soothing, stress-reducing paint colors that can be used virtually anywhere in your home.
  calming colors in an apartment
  • Peaceful Purples. Lighter shades of purple like lavender and violet are on the mellow side and help to create a calming environment. Science has demonstrated that these soft hues put others at ease, making them an excellent color choice for your entryway foyer. Bold royal purples are beautiful and vibrant, but they can sometimes be a bit too intense. Soft muted hues like lavender and violet are ideal for bringing inner balance and peace, making them ideal for areas that you begin and end your day, including bedrooms and bathrooms.
  relaxing colors for apartment design
  • Cool Whites. This color is associated with cleanliness, helping to create a neutral and tranquil living space while making the space appear larger than it actually is. Whites are a soothing color for almost any room in your home. Professional color theorists typically recommend opting for a bright and clean hue because stark shades can appear dull and negatively influence your mood.
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  • Graceful Gray. Some people believe that gray can be on the dreary neutral, but pale grays are truly wonderful shades for creating a calm and relaxing environment. Because any shade of gray is a neutral hue, you will have an easy time decorating around it no matter where you use it in your home. Similarly, warm and neutral variations of beige are extremely popular interior colors due to the calming sensation they provide. Almost all beige hues are calm and serene but stay away from warmer shades that border on the orange or yellow family, as they can come off a bit too strong.
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  • Peaceful Pink. To create a tranquil environment with pink, pale or dusty shades that border on the gray-side can be very soothing. There are many variations of soft pinks, which makes it easy to find a complementary shade for any room in the house.
If you are having trouble winding down at home, start by evaluating your use of color throughout your home. The wrong shades of paint can negatively impact your frame of mind – and counteract your attempts at relaxation. Keep these calming colors in mind when redecorating your home to create a more peaceful environment