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American Housing Story- Day 1

Whose Your Landlord has the mission of making quality living the standard for all by giving renters ownership of their situation by putting housing in their hands. Here are some of the American Housing Stories based on renters’ experiences. Let this be a cautionary tale to you- make sure to look at reviews on Whose Your Landlord to ensure you have the best living experience possible.

The Mold Monster

“In the summer, I noticed a big black spot in the corner of my bedroom, right above my bed. Upon further investigation, I realized it was black mold. I begged my landlord to come for months to patch it up, but to no avail. Every time it rained, the ceiling that had black mold growing on it would leak on me as I slept and eventually ruined my entire mattress. After talking to my neighbor who lived in the apartment below, I realized it was a problem in her apartment too, and it wasn’t being addressed. Only after we got our mom’s to call and contact L & I (Licenses and Inspections), it was eventually resolved- three weeks before I moved out. This was a problem for over a year.”  

The Covert Roomie

“Our landlord said that the basement was for storage…or that’s what he wanted us to believe. He secretly lived in the basement of our house and had access through a back door that led down there. He would park in the driveway and would sneak into our basement. Of course, he denied all of this.”  

The Rat House

“When I first moved in, I didn’t understand why rent was so cheap- I thought it was a steal! I now know why- the apartment was dirty and infested with rodents. The apartment wasn’t even painted and rodents lived in the walls. Currently, I have spent $1,000 in extermination fees and it hasn’t even made a dent in getting rid of the pests since I can only exterminate my unit. I am now working with L & I to help me get some much-need relief.”  

The Cheapo

“My landlord had multiple aliases, so he was very difficult to reach. He was stealing our utilities, which included our cable and internet, by splicing our main lines. Because of this, we had multiple power surges which blew out our expensive electronics, for which we were not reimbursed.”

The Other Cheapo

“How my landlord fixes problems: ignores them until you stop calling. The only way I was able to get through to him was to email him stating that according to Philadelphia renter’s rights, I could hire my own repair-person and then take that cost out of rent. Suddenly, what I needed to get done would get done, but only in a half-completed state, and the cycle would continue.”
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