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Top Reputable Websites To Find Roommates


Finding someone to live with can be daunting. Unfortunately for a lot of people, living alone just isn’t an option - whether that be financial reasons or for convenience. In college, you may get allocated a roomie, but otherwise, it may be up to you to find your own.


You may have an apartment and need to sublet a room, or you may be looking for an apartment with roommates already living there. Whatever your situation, we’ve put together a list of reputable websites that may help you on your quest.



EXR is a real estate brokerage that specializes in leasing apartments, commercial space, and new developments in New York City. EXR was founded in 2014 and moved online in 2017, reaching 5,000 leases signed in November of 2019. Now, they have developed a nifty tool called EXR Messenger, meaning that you can chat with potential roommates and licensed real estate professionals through a secure, and real-time messaging platform.


Another platform for New Yorkers, over 23,000 people have found roommates with Nookyln since its inception. Having said that, it’s not just for NYC anymore. They also offer help for people searching in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and Boston. Whatever you’re looking for Nooklyn can help you out. Because you have to verify your identity by providing ID when you sign up, you can be sure that you won’t be catfished by potential roommates. They even have an app for organizing your life on the go.


Roomi is an international roommate finder, with rooms for rent as far flung as London, Rotterdam, Perth, and Singapore, as well as the United States and Canada. Potential roommates on Roomi have various levels of verification, from verifying an email address all the way through to passing a background check. Using Roomi, you can manage everything, even inviting people to move in. If they accept your invitation, Roomi will collect your 1st month's rent and securely transfer it to you on your new roommate's move-in date. 


Another international roommate finder, Badi boasts that they have over 2 million people already using them. They only transfer the first payment to the lister after you’ve moved in and checked that the room matches the listing, and you can cancel the booking up to 15 days before the move in date without fees. 

Roomie Match 

Helping people find roommates in all major metro areas in the United States and Canada, Roomie Match has an interesting spiel: ‘no scams, no spams, no scums’. They sound super strict which is good for people wanting to sublet a room, but can be off-putting for potential roommates. They say that they delete anyone that sounds insincere, completely off base, or just completely non-credible, before they’d have access to any information about subscribers.


Personalized search results are curated by an algorithm designed to match people to roommates that fit each other’s preferences and lifestyle. Profiles are double vetted, with AI and humans checking them out for spam and scams. However, a limitation is that they only give you the option to send 5 messages out, so you'll have to be a little picky with how you use them. More messages are available either through paying for them or earning them by sharing your profile on social networks, or inviting friends to join Diggz.


This is another international roommate finder website. Roomster was founded all the way back in September of 2003 and is based in New York City, but now services countries all throughout the world. They claim that they have made the experience of sharing a home easy & safe. Being so well established, Roomster is now a trusted name in the roommate finding business.


SpareRoom has rooms in New York, LA and San Francisco, and a British counterpart website. SpareRoom boasts that someone finds a roommate with them every 3 minutes. They have a team of moderators working 7 days a week to check ads and content, because they make users’ safety a top priority. 


One website that shouldn’t be overlooked is Facebook. You have to be more careful here as the potential roommates won’t be vetted by an external company, but you can search for people in local groups or even by putting out a status on your own wall asking for friends to recommend people.

Happy Hunting

Whether you’re looking for a room to rent, moving into a new place and looking for roommates to split the rent with, or looking to sublet your apartment, finding a roommate doesn’t have to be complicated. 


Don’t forget that you can also check out our platform to find out information about your potential new roommates and/or landlords before you sign the dotted line!