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Tips to Have a Positive Relationship with Your Landlord


When renting a property, you’ll have a landlord. This could be a management company looking after hundreds of units, it could be a mom and pop who just have the one place, or it could be anything in between. Regardless, there’s somebody in charge of your home. Making sure that you cultivate a positive relationship with them is really important. Here are a few tips to help with that.


Our number one piece of advice for creating a positive relationship with your landlord is to communicate. Be responsive if they ask you things, and be proactive when possible. If there’s an issue in the apartment, let them know as soon as possible. If they need to arrange for someone to come into the property, like an electrician or similar, make sure you let them know when is best for you, quickly. By being available when they need you, and not making them have to chase you for a reply, you’ll make things a lot easier for everyone.

Pay Rent On Time

Probably obvious, but by making sure that you’re not late with the rent, you can be sure that your landlord will consider you a good tenant - not having to spend their time chasing you for payment is always a good thing. It may be basic, but it’s super important. Paying late will not only upset your landlord but it could impact your credit too. If you really really can’t pay on time, make sure you communicate this to your landlord as soon as possible, so you can make arrangements.

Be a Good Neighbor

You may wonder how being a good neighbor is going to help you have a good relationship with your landlord? By keeping your neighbors happy, you’re making your landlord’s job easier. If they don’t have to spend time resolving issues where you’re the problem, they won’t see you in a bad light. 

Look After the Property

Yes, it’s your home, but you do have to remember that you don’t own it. If things break, fix them. Make sure that you do everything you can to prevent mold from growing. Keep things in good order. Some things you won’t be able to fix yourself. If that’s the case, let your landlord know as soon as something becomes a problem so that they can take the necessary steps to resolve it, as soon as possible.

Stick to the Rules

If the lease says no pets, don’t try to sneak a pet in. If it’s a nonsmoking property, don’t smoke inside. Chances are, you will get caught, and not only could this upset your landlord, but it could also be cause for eviction. When you signed a lease, you agreed to the terms. The same goes for local laws. If you break the law in your rental it could reflect badly on your landlord and put a strain on the relationship you have with them.

Maintaining A Good Relationship with Your Landlord

Most places require references before accepting you as a tenant, and the most common reference required is previous landlords. By keeping them on your side you can make sure that any reference is glowing and demonstrates just how much of a great tenant you’ll be for any future apartments. Not only that, but it also means that you’ll be more likely to have repairs and maintenance done more quickly as if you keep them happy, they’ll want to keep you happy too!