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Smart Home Gadgets Your Landlord Might Have Installed in Your Rental


Nowadays, you might find that the apartment you’re going to rent comes complete with fancy technology designed to make your life easier. With holiday rentals often coming with luxury gadgets to ooze convenience, these may soon make their way into standard rental properties.


We’re not talking about Amazon Echos or Fire Sticks. We’re talking about the tech that you probably can’t take with you - stuff that your landlord might install.

Smart Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms are a legal requirement in most areas, with at least one required on every floor. And they are literal lifesavers if you’re in the property at the time. But what about smoke alarms that can alert you even if you’re not home? That’s where smart smoke alarms come in. Whether you’re at the office or out of the country, these alarms can warn you there’s trouble no matter where you are. One of the top go-to smart smoke alarms is Nest Protect. It checks its batteries and sensors over 400 times a day, meaning you don’t have to worry about testing it each month. 


Has your smoke alarm ever yelled at you for taking a shower? Nest Protect boasts to be the only alarm with ‘Steam Check’. This means that it uses custom algorithms and a humidity sensor to look for steam, allowing you to enjoy your shower without having to deal with a screaming smoke alarm. They even have color-coded warnings, for example, if there’s only a little smoke it will glow yellow so you can open windows to let the burned toast smoke out, but if there’s something serious you’ll see it glow red.

Smart Doorbell 

Another nifty gadget that can make your life a little bit easier, is a smart doorbell. These doorbell camera combos mean you can see who’s at the door without having to actually answer it first. Perfect for if you’re not expecting anyone, and even better if you’re expecting a delivery - some have a feature where you can talk to the person at the other end, meaning you can advise delivery drivers of your ‘safe space’ if you’re not in when your package arrives. Ring Video Doorbell pairs up with select Alexa-enabled devices to enable announcements and two-way talk for convenient in-home monitoring.

Smart Locks

Obviously, if you’re renting a property, you can’t just change the locks without good reason, and your landlord probably wouldn’t be into new-fangled smart locks. Having said that, some of the smart locks out there can be installed on top of whatever is already there, meaning that you don’t have to remove the existing lock mechanism first. This means that you can add the layer of smart tech to your lock without upsetting your landlord. Some smart locks give you the option to create temporary access keys for people who may need to gain access to the property, for example delivering a parcel.

Smart Heating

Smart heating means you can control the temperature of the thermostat from wherever you are, making sure that the apartment is cozy when you need it the most. Some AC units can connect to the system too, meaning that you can have complete control over the temperature of your home, whenever and wherever you want to. If you know you’re going to be home late, you’ll be able to make sure you’re not racking up a huge utility bill by leaving the heating on. You can also set it to turn on at a specific time each day.

Smart Hot Water

A lot of the time, your smart heating will also allow you to control the hot water in your apartment. No more waiting a half-hour for the boiler to do its thing, you can either set it to turn on at the same time each day or set it as and when you want it.


Smart Apartments Are the Way of the Future

In vacation homes, in particular, this kind of tech is becoming more commonplace. It allows the landlords to keep an eye on the place without having to physically be there and means that tenants can come and go with ease. While not everyone will be lucky enough to have this kind of tech in their rental unit, they are becoming more popular and soon, every home will have at least one.