Last-Minute DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas


With Christmas coming up, one of the easiest ways to get into the festive spirit is to get crafting! While we’re advised to stay at home where possible, a lot of our normal Christmas traditions are having to be put on hold this year, so grabbing a glue gun and some other bits and pieces can be a great way to start a new set of traditions!

DIY Candy Cane Wreath

Candy canes are one of the most well-known symbols of Christmastime, just short of trees and the big man himself. Red and white and tasting like peppermint, these aren’t just for snacking on. Not only can you pop one in your hot chocolate to use as a stirrer, but you can also use them (or plastic versions of them) to create your own wreath for your front door. Grab around 20 candy canes, a glue gun, and something to jazz up the middle. Then head to Pinterest for inspiration. You’re only limited by your imagination.


For those who love the natural, rustic style of decoration, look no further than the fruit aisle at the grocery store. All you need is some fruit, string, and some glue and you’re all set to start creating your very own fruit decorations. Dry whole citrus fruits or slices of the same and string them up with some cinnamon sticks to make a sweet-scented garland that you can hang up around the house. Another neat trick is to carve shapes or patterns into the peel of an orange and add cloves to it. You can then nestle any that you make this way into a display bowl full of holly or other greenery. 

DIY Candle Holders

A ridiculously simple way to make your own candle holders is to tip wine glasses upside down. Clip some small sprigs of holly from a bigger bunch and place them under the glass to make them Christmas-y. You could even pop some balls of cotton wool under there instead and pretend they’re snowballs. Remember to never leave a burning candle unattended.

Faux Presents

Let’s be honest. You’ve been having delivery upon delivery for months now, and you’ve just been throwing the empty boxes in the recycling bin. Now you can put them to good use (and try to justify your online shopping sprees) by wrapping the empty boxes beautifully and placing them strategically around your home. Grab some cheap wrapping paper and add some ribbon to make them pop and get some Christmas spirit going.

DIY Garland

String some pom poms or felt balls together to create a simple and easy festive garland. Alternate colors and sizes to really make this pop! Make sure to tie knots in the string so that the balls don’t all bunch up together in one spot. You can even go super traditional and use popcorn or pinecones to make natural garlands, with the added benefit of being able to forage in the neighborhood for pinecones. If you have children, you can even make a game out of who can spot the most!

Chalk Snowflakes

Grab yourself a set of chalk pens or washable paint markers and use them to add a touch of snow to any mirrors you may have around your apartment. These also work on windows too, which means that if you’re artsy you could even draw a whole snow scene for people outside to enjoy. Don’t forget to supervise your little ones if you let them get involved.

Washi Tape

Inexpensive and easy to find, washi tape can be used to decorate walls without pulling the paint or wallpaper off. Washi is a Japanese tape popular with crafters because it is easy to remove from any surface, meaning that it’s perfect to use for temporary decorations. Create snowflake patterns or anything else you can think of to jazz up a boring wall. 


Jars are incredibly versatile and can be used for almost anything. Pop some cotton wool balls inside one - boom, snow. Pinecones and a set of string lights? Festive. String lights and basically anything else Christmas related? Perfect! This also works with hurricane vases too. Or, you can glue some Christmas shaped toys to the lid of the jar, add some fake snow, put the lid on, and turn the whole thing upside down for DIY snow scenes.

Merry Christmas to Those Celebrating

However you choose to decorate this year, we hope you have a lovely festive season and a great new year. If you get into the DIY spirit with our ideas above, let us know how they go! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at WYL.