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How to Find a Sublet For Your Lease


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Due to unavoidable life circumstances, you can move out of your apartment before the time indicated on your lease agreement. This can be due to relocating to a new state after getting a new job or moving to a different neighborhood.


Regardless of your reason to move out, subletting is the only way to save your money while meeting the lease requirements. Read on if you’re looking for ways to sublet your apartment.

Advertise on Social Platforms

In this era, people communicate online more than they do in person. As a result, people look for solutions to their problems on social media platforms. Many people go through social media pages seeking for a suitable place to live.


You can create a listing on Facebook that features neat photos of your apartment. As you advertise, include details of how soon the sublet is available. It’s important that you don’t give your full address unless you get a serious candidate.


To reach out to multiple people at once, post on Facebook groups. Consider posting in groups with frequent travelers. They are likely to be looking for a short-term place to stay.


You can also use other online platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Include subletting hashtags to get the attention of potential sublets easily.

Advertise on Sublet Websites

There are numerous sites for advertising subleasing apartments, like, Flip, Lease and You can advertise your apartment on any of these sites. Before you post, ensure that the site offers services for residents within your location because some sublet sites only advertise apartments in specific cities.


Moreover, before you take photos to use in the advertisement, make sure your apartment is clean so that they can entice potential tenants. As you create the advert, include all the necessary information, like the size of the apartment, location, and furnishing status. To stand out from a similar advert, indicate what makes the apartment unique from others.

Consult Real Estate Agents

When you search, “how I can sell my house fast Los Angeles online,” you are likely to be directed to a reliable real estate agent. You’ll want to search this for whatever area you’re living in. Subleasing a house is not easy, especially if you have no experience. Moreover, you may struggle to make up your mind on what you should post and how to quickly get a tenant.


In case you are not lucky, you may end up moving out of the city without getting a suitable sub-lessee. On the other hand, if you seek assistance from a specialist, you will get a sub-lessee.


Real estate agents are the most reliable people to match you with a client of your choice. When working with them, you should explain the kind of candidate you’re looking for. In some cases, you can even get matched immediately with a suitable candidate. 


The advantage of seeking real estate assistance is that they will help you process agreement documents with the apartment owner and the sub-lessee. They will also advertise your apartment on their social media pages and websites. It’d be challenging to achieve this kind of exposure on your own.

Get the Word Out Through Friends and Family

Tell your family members to help you look for a sub-lessee. If you’re still in school, talk to several classmates and see if they’re willing to rent an apartment in your city. It would be best if you started spreading the word as soon as you decide to move.


To psych up your friends, tell them that the person who will sublet your apartment will receive a perk such as a lunch treat or a trip out of the city. As they advertise, tell them to include a lower rent amount to attract candidates easily. In case there are amenities in your apartment, such as fitness centers, remind your friends to mention them in their advertisement.


Finding a Sub-Lessee

You can find a sub-lessee through online advertisements. Moreover, you can use assistance from professionals, such as real estate agents or friends and family members. Before you settle for a sublet, run a simple background check to ensure they are legit. If you have a roommate, don’t forget to get their consent before the sub-lessee signs the lease.

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