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How to Cook at Home and Save Money


According to recent studies, you can save an average of $16 or more per meal if you choose to cook at home rather than eat out at a restaurant or order in.

Is cooking at home better for you as well? Cooking from scratch can actually save you money that you can put towards a healthier lifestyle. Cooking at home also means you get to choose your ingredients, which means you can opt for fresh, organic, and healthy options.

Being able to choose the food you buy isn't the only way you can save money. You can also save money in the way you cook your food. 

Top Tip 

Eat what you have; there is no need to keep buying food; plan ahead. You’ll save money if you look in your cupboards and create meals using the ingredients you already have. Planning ahead and eating what you have will also reduce waste from uneaten food that had gone bad before you got the chance to eat it.

Bulk buying can save you money, yes, but it won't if you bulk buy ingredients you probably aren't going to use before they go bad. 

If you fancy chicken for dinner, don't just go for the first piece you see. Look through the storage container; is there a piece on sale at a reduced price? This is an excellent tip if you intend on eating the chicken that day. You could even buy the cheaper chicken and freeze it ready for a meal on another day.

Things to Avoid

Try to avoid buying bottled ready-made sauces, salsa, and gravies; instead, make your own. This advice goes for things like cakes, pancakes, and waffles too. It’s far cheaper in the long run, especially if you enjoy these foods to make your own because the raw ingredients such as flour last quite some time and means you have this to hand to use time and time again.

Avoid buying high ticket foods. Save these treats for special occasions and instead go for affordable and healthy options. For example, do you need a ribeye steak? Wouldn't you enjoy a nice burrito bowl or a homemade lasagna just as much! In-fact you can make more than you need with meals such as lasagne, and freeze the rest for another day.

Think About Enhancing Your Kitchen

Another surefire way to save money is to invest in your home, especially your kitchen; if you are spending more time preparing healthy and cheap meals, you want to have a lovely space to cook in. More people realize that remodeling the kitchen can create space and re-vamp what may be a dull space that isn't inviting or inspiring. 

There are many ways to remodel your kitchen, from painting your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint, to changing the lighting, or revamping your backsplash. Doing these things can make your kitchen feel brighter and more modern.

Make Room for Must Haves

Make a list of your kitchen must-haves; for example, do you want more storage? Do you need to replace things?

It would help if you remembered, though, that things come at a cost, so be realistic with your list, a good rule of thumb here is to only spend on average around 5 -  15% of what your house is worth on your kitchen revamp.

Once your budget's set, divide this into areas of focus. For example, if your must-have list included replacing things like appliances, dedicate an amount to this area, and so on, you need to cover everything on your must-have list, unless, of course, some of the things were a tad unrealistic.

The important thing is to make sure that you are sticking to the budget you set for yourself. So, if you want to spend more in one area, make sure to balance it out by cutting back on another area.

Visiting showrooms is not only fun but will also give you an idea of what materials and options are available and how much these things are going to take off your budget. Once you have had a look around, you may need to tweak your budget slightly.

Save Money and Live a Helthy Lifestyle

There are many benefits to cooking at home such as leading a healthy lifestyle, enjoying time in your kitchen as well as saving money. Save money planning ahead, choosing your ingredients wisely, and remodeling your kitchen!