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How it Started and How it’s Going: WYL Edition


How it started: 


How it’s going:


Again, how it started: 


And, again, how it’s Going:



It’s every founder’s dream to have a proper shot at really building their business. I can honestly say that after thinking of this idea 8 years ago and after launching WYL 5 years ago, I finally feel that feeling.


Whose Your Landlord started as a small beta project that I thought up while I was the VP of the student body at Temple University. 3 years later, I founded WhoseYourLandlord, Inc. (known to many as WYL). 


From day one, I set out to create a platform that would level the playing field for renters and provide more transparency in a market that, since the beginning of time, hasn't had much. 


I’m also a child of Bajan and Nigerian immigrants - one of four. Community (ubuntu) is in my DNA and my Team reflects that. 


Today, I want us to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, acknowledge where we’re going, and pat ourselves on the back simply for being here, especially during these tumultuous times.


In 5 years, we’ve:


  • Worked with renters to review landlords across 300+ US cities
  • Worked with major brands like Walmart, American Express, Uber, Bank of America, Allstate   
  • Been featured in Forbes, NowThis, Blavity, TechCrunch, Yahoo, Newsweek, AfroTech
  • Raised over $1M in funding 
  • Established a diverse and powerful team with over 30 years of real estate experience and over 50 years of startup experience


I’m happy, man. 


Everything ain’t figured out, and it won’t ever be. But, when I think about the feeling I want to have as I build something that just might change the world, this is the feeling I envision.


With that, happy birthday WYL - the concept, the movement, the business. 


Cheers to #moremore.



Yours Truly,


Ofo Ezeugwu

CEO, Founder

WhoseYourLandlord, Inc.