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How To Know When Your Roof Needs to be Replaced


Is your roof beginning to show definite signs of wear and tear? This may especially be the case if you live in an older home. The older your home gets, the more in need of a roof repair it may be. Here are a few of the most common signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

It's Been over 25 Years Since it was Installed

A quarter of a century is a great anniversary to commemorate for every occasion except where your roof is concerned. If your roof hasn't had a check-up since the house was first built, it's probably beginning to show definite signs of aging. This is all the more true if your roof is made of the standard asphalt and shingle combination.


Even if you get on top of it and can't spot any cracks or obvious signs of wear, they probably do exist. The average roof has about a 40-year life span before it absolutely needs to be replaced. It's a good idea to call on the services of a Brooklyn commercial roofing expert to handle this task on your behalf.

Your Shingles Are Starting to Curl

One of the telltale signs of a roof that needs replacing is the presence of too many curled up shingles. The more of these you have, the worse off your roof is and the sooner you will need to get it replaced. The presence of curled shingles in abundance can easily take anywhere from 5 to 10 years off the natural lifespan of your roof.


Curling can mean tipping upward, which is known in the industry as cupping. The shingles on your roof can also be prone to clawing. This is when the edges stay flat but the middle begins to curl upward. If you spot evidence of either of these two issues, you will need to start thinking about getting your roof replaced very shortly.

Many of Your Shingles Are Missing

If on the next inspection of your roof, you begin to notice a lot of missing shingles, this is the surest sign that it's time for a roof replacement. Your shingles are there to protect you from rain, snow, sleet, and all the rest of the elements. If these start to go, your level of protection will be drastically lowered.


You can normally stave off further damage just by replacing all of the shingles that you find to be missing. However, at some point, it will probably just be cheaper and more convenient to schedule a roof replacement.

Your Roof is Beginning to Leak

Perhaps the most telling sign of a roof that is in need of replacement is the dreaded drip drip drip that comes straight down from the ceiling. You may notice this drip in any number of locations in your home from your living room to your bathroom to your bedroom.


Sure, you can patch up the leaks one by one and be fine for a while. But if the leaks start to proliferate, you're going to have to throw in the towel. It's better to do it now before it gets worse.

The Time to Get Your Roof Repaired is Now

If your roof is showing all of these signs and more, the time is now to get it repaired. Your best bet will be to schedule a visit from a local roof repair expert. In most cases, the job should be a simple enough task to complete in a short amount of time. The sooner you get it done, the sooner your home can be safe and comfy again.