How Landlords can Reassure Tenants They’ll be Responsive


Apartment leasing is a competitive business, especially in desirable cities and in areas like college towns. Part of the consideration for prospective tenants is if they feel comfortable with the accessibility and responsiveness of a landlord. Here are strategies you can implement to reassure prospective tenants you will be a fair and responsive landlord.

1. You Provide your Contact Information

When you meet a prospective tenant at a showing, make sure to provide direct contact information such as a phone number and/or email and encourage open communication. You can also let them know you’re fine with text messages. A tenant will feel very comfortable knowing they can reach their landlord directly should there be an issue with their apartment. 

2. Offer References to Validate Your Responsiveness

During the showing, or even while discussing the apartment, you can offer to share current or former tenants reviews to verify that you are responsive and accessible. This can be done easily by registering your property and utilizing Whose Your Landlord's scoring system to validate your responsiveness.  Knowing that a tenant can contact an impartial person to ask questions about your history or browse past review history is something that can make a tenant feel more at ease.

3. Act Responsibly

When you have developed a reputation for being a fair and responsive landlord, your tenants will sing your praises and share their experiences through online reviews. Many tenants like reading reviews because they offer an inside look at what having you as a landlord is really like. 

4. Tell tenants you have periodic service checks 

Part of the role of a responsible landlord is to make sure that the appliances in the apartment are working properly, and other issues in the unit are addressed in a timely manner. This can include a checklist of inspected apartment amenities making sure windows are secure, plumbing issues are working correctly and that the heater or air conditioner is functioning well. If inspections are done by a 3rd party you can provide inspection dates along with receipts for service. Knowing that these proactive policies exist can give the tenant more faith in your competency as a landlord.

Keep your Tenants Happy to Encourage Long Tenancies 

Tenants consider many factors when choosing an apartment. Considerations include price, safety, condition, location, and building amenities. However, tenants also want to know that landlords will respond to their calls, texts or emails should they need to reach them. 

When you first meet a prospective tenant, assure them of your commitment to keeping the communication lines open, and provide your contact information as well as references that can vouch for your responsiveness.