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Attention Renters: A Platform Made for You



Though renting has begun to exceed home ownership, there are still so few tools in place to ease the stress of renting. At WYL (WhoseYourLandlord), it’s our core belief that you don’t have to own a home to take ownership of your living situation. 


Our team has been working hard to help renters find quality housing for years. To that end, we’re so excited to announce our latest launch! Our revamped website was designed to be the most inclusive and informative renter resource available. Here’s an overview of the new features we’ve incorporated for your housing empowerment.



Let your Voice be Heard

WYL has become the most trusted source for renters to read and leave housing reviews. Our website is a space that welcomes honest feedback from tenants. It’s a platform that enables you to share your good and bad experiences with other renters. Not only does this allow you to share insights with your neighbors and landlord, you also get the opportunity to review landlords before moving in! 


With this, you’ll be able to view which landlords have signed up with WYL by signified claimed pages — allowing them to better connect and communicate with renters through the platform. It’s your home and it's your community — you deserve to know who’s managing it.


Discover Quality Housing 

Our platform allows renters to easily find better housing options in their city by being able to inquire about available listings. Listings also have reviews and users will have the option to connect with landlords directly. As a renter, you also have access to search trends in your area, such as rent increases, and explore discounts to make your move easier. We partner with companies to offer our WYL community discounts with insurance, storage, and moving companies. 


WYL provides real-time information on rental properties available collected from its users (landlords and tenants). With such a diverse range of features available on the WYL platform, renters can find a home where they feel comfortable and safe.



Access Essential Resources

The platform is an outlet for you to take ownership of your rental experience and gain support from others in the WYL community. You can keep up to date with the community based initiatives that are available through BUILD, our not-for-profit. Currently, build is rolling out aid initiatives for rent relief


In addition, we offer weekly articles that will keep you up to date with current events such as COVID-19 developments, tenants’ rental agreement, and so much more. Check out our WYL Take-ownership podcast for engaging conversations on community building, advice from rental experts and 1:1 counseling sessions.



Join our Community


If you can’t already tellwe are very excited to offer renters an empowering and informing platform through our website (and we’re looking forward to releasing our mobile app soon!). With  reviews, access to quality landlords, and community focused content, this is an outlet for rental communities’ voices to be heard, recognized, and respected. We are the first source for all your housing needs—so come be a part of our community.