9 Simple DIY Decor Hacks To Transform Your House Into a Home

Whether you just moved into your new home or you want to make your space a little more ‘you’, Whose Your Landlord has the ultimate Do-It-Yourself guide of easy home decor hacks that will elevate your living space from eh to awesome. On a budget? These simple tricks won’t break your bank but will look like it did!

Jar Frames

Need an interesting way encapsulate memories? Slide pictures right into a clear mason jar. Add seasonal touches such as sand or pinecones to the jar to spruce it up. Want your picture to have a vintage look? Pour vegetable oil into the mason jar and cover your picture completely. Stick a dried flower behind the photo, screw the lid back on, and voilà, you have an old-fashioned picture!

CD Tower Turned Bathroom Organizer

Since CD’s have basically become obsolete within the past few years, repurpose your CD Tower into a bathroom shelf. Simply attach it to the wall of your bathroom and organize all of your toiletries.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

For a personalized cup of joe, this hack is simple. Grab a plain coffee mug and Sharpies. Decorate your mug then bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Concrete Candle Holders

For a more Gothic-inspired look, concrete candle holders are perfect. Simple to make, all you need is 1 bag of concrete, water, an empty soda can, a utility knife, and small candles. For the complete instructions, click here. To add a brighter accent, use metallic-colored paint on the bottom portion of the candle holder.

Stoney Tub

Who says you can’t spruce up your boring white tub? Airstone, which is a light and natural-looking artificial stone decor that easily sticks to walls, outdoor and indoor surfaces. Find out how to transform your bathroom at Lovely Crafty Home.

Plastic Spoon Vase

For less than $5, you can make your very own minimalistic-esque vase made out entirely of plastic spoons. To learn how to completely craft your own in three steps, visit here.

Farmhouse Style- Chicken Wire Cabinets

To add a little bit of country to your home, all you need to do is replace the glass in a cabinet with chicken wire. Staple the chicken wire to the inside of the cabinet, and for a more homey look, spray paint the wire white.

Fabric as Wall Art

Need to fill up space on a blank wall? Instead of buying expensive artwork, use a piece of fabric instead! Get a heavy fabric with the design of your choice and cut it four to six inches longer than the piece of canvas you are stapling it to. Fold over the edges of the fabric on the canvas and use a staple gun to attach the fabric, starting from the center and then moving outward. Once you neatly stapled the fabric, hang the canvas on the wall and enjoy!

DIY Hanging Chair

After, and ONLY AFTER you’ve mastered every other DIY on the list will you be ready for the hardest but most rewarding one- the hanging chair. A great addition to any room, this suspended seat only requires scrap wood, a chair frame, clothesline, and a hula hoop. Find out how you can make your own here.
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