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8 Ways to Refresh Your Space on a Budget

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It can be pretty costly to renovate your home. Furniture isn’t cheap, and redecorating comes at a cost too. Here are 8 inexpensive ways to refresh your space on a budget.

1. Rearrange your Furniture

One of the cheapest ways to refresh your space is to simply move things around. Haven’t you always wondered what your apartment would look like if someone else had decided where everything went? 


Try rearranging the furniture to update the feel of your home. This won’t cost you anything, and it isn’t permanent, so you can rejig the furniture whenever you have the time and inclination.

2. Replace Hardware

You may be fed up with how your kitchen looks, but unable to afford a brand new one. One simple, inexpensive but very effective trick you can use to revamp your kitchen is to replace the cupboard handles. Some cabinet handles can cost as little as $1 each. High-end cabinet handles can be around $20, but you can usually grab classy looking handles for under ten bucks apiece. This can be a cheap way to restyle your kitchen.


For bathrooms, consider changing the flush lever on your toilet, the faucets on the sink and bath, or even the cupboard handles, if you have them.

3. Cushions

If you already have cushions, swap out the covers for funky new ones. If you don’t, invest in a few cushion inserts and treat yourself to a few covers to snazz up your living room. Cushions can be a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise dull room. 


A cheeky tip if you’re finding it difficult to get cushion inserts buy any old cushion (in the right size, of course) from a thrift store, and simply replace the cover!

4. Contact Paper

Create a statement wall either using wallpaper if you’re allowed to or choose a more temporary option by opting for removable contact paper. This means that you won’t have to worry about your deposit, and you can remove it easily and quickly whenever you get bored of it and want something fresh. 


Contact paper can also be used to create a backsplash in your kitchen, refresh countertops, and even to stick over boring tables or cupboards. In fact, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

5. Couch Cover

Instead of buying an entirely new sofa, consider reupholstering your existing one, or just buying a couch cover for it. This is a relatively inexpensive way of giving a new lease of life to a tired couch or armchair, and they have the added bonus of being washable! Starting at around $30, these slipcovers come in a wide variety of designs so you can be sure there will be something to suit your taste.

6. Have Fun with Light Fixtures

Replacing a light fixture in your apartment can really bring a room to life. It can be pretty easy to replace them yourself, which means you’ll save money on an electrician. Having said that, it’s important to be aware that you might need to call a pro in for help, so make sure you have the budget just in case things are more complicated than they look. Replacing a light fixture yourself needs thorough research.

7. Add Greenery

Adding some plants to a room can give a new lease of life to the living space if you’re not green thumbed, consider some faux-plants instead. There are even subscription services to ensure you can build a collection of succulents month by month.

8. Create a Gallery

Turn a wall into an art gallery. This has the benefit of being able to be changed out as and when your tastes change, or you could even switch it up for the different seasons. Thrift stores are a goldmine for one of a kind pieces of art to jazz up your apartment. There are also many other inexpensive ways to update a wall if you’re on a budget but don’t want a gallery, such as using washi tape, tapestries or even stickers.

Space: Refreshed

Refreshing your space doesn’t have to cost the earth most of these suggestions are inexpensive enough and simple enough that you can change your mind at any time and switch things up again. Whether you’re living in an older style property that’s in dire need of modernization, or you’re just bored with how your home looks at the moment, try our easy tips to refresh your space.

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