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6 Apartment Amenities That are Worth the Extra Rent


When you decide on the amount of your budget you can allocate toward your rent, it’s important to consider that this amount covers more than just your apartment. It’s important to consider what your rent includes and if the value of the extras is worth the extra rent. Here are some perks that are probably worth extra.

Some Utility Services are Included

If your landlord is providing basic cable in the cost of rent and utilities like hot water, heat and trash collection, these expensive add up and can be quite a monthly savings. With streaming services, basic cable can be just what you need. Hot water can be a bonus if you have a washing machine and a dishwasher, plus you can’t take long showers! Trash collection can get costly too. Carefully price out these services and you likely will realize the extra cost of rent is worth it.

Washer and Dryer in Your Unit

It can be very convenient and safer to have in-unit appliances including a washer and dryer. This saves you trouble and expense of taking your laundry to a laundromat or using a wash and fold service. This can also be a time-saver. You can do laundry while catching up on emails from the comfort of your private home. Your utility bills may be higher, but using cold water and using the dryer sparingly are strategies to keep expenses in check.

A Garbage Disposal

It’s so convenient after cooking eggs or pasta to flip a switch to grind up trash in your sink. The alternative is keeping smelly trash in your apartment. Having a garbage disposal in your unit is a great amenity because it can keep your apartment tidy. Usually, it’s rare to find one in an apartment because it’s an upgrade. If you landlord put one in, it’s likely part of a better kitchen set-up. And, remember, part of the safety-net of renting is that if there’s an issue with an appliance, the landlord will pay to fix it.

On-Site Parking

Some leases include a dedicated parking spot. This is especially nice if you live in an area with limited parking. Knowing you have your own parking spot can provide peace of mind. If you don’t have a car, you can use it for visitors. This extra perk is worth the extra rent your landlord may charge.

Access to On-Site Storage

Most of us have belongings we can’t part with, even in an apartment. If your landlord includes a storage unit you can use to store your old and possessions, that’s a great perk. If you have small furniture, old books, coats, or other belongings you wish to keep, you will have to purchase a storage unit if you don’t have on-site storage. This included storage unit can save you money. The storage unit can also be used to hold bicycles, sporting equipment and off-season clothing. The unit is likely locked and will be safe and secure. The extra cost of rent can be justified.

Access to a Gym or Pool

Recreational amenities are so important, and a pool and gym membership elsewhere can be a steep expense. If your landlord says a fitness room and a pool are part of your rent, that’s a win-win. You may not realize the value when you sign your lease, but you will appreciate the fact that a monthly gym membership isn’t being debited from your bank account. Plus, during the warm months, the complimentary pool will be a welcome respite from the steamy weather. Apartments with pools and gym amenities are great picks.

What Extras Are Worth the Extra Rent?

It can be tricky to decide what extras are worth the extra rent, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But, amenities like a washer/dryer and garbage disposal, storage, a gym or swimming pool, dedicated parking and select services that are included are worth your consideration. Carefully put the expenses you would have to otherwise pay for and see if they are worth the extra rent.