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5 Ways You Know You Are Ready to Move In With Your Partner

Moving in with someone is a monumental step in a relationship. Without saying it, it means I want to be with you for forever (or at least until this lease is up). It is more than just a desire to be physically together all the time.
Since living together is usually a test-run to see if the couple can make it for the long haul, a staggering number of couples fail. According to a study done by New York Magazine, 14 percent percent of couples break up within the first year of living together, AND one-third of the shacked-up couples break up before they hit the third year of cohabitation. How do you know if you’re ready to make this leap with your partner? To celebrate cuffing season and to spare the WYL Community from heartbreak, Whose Your Landlord came up with the five telltale signs that you are ready to move in with your partner.  

are you ready to live with your significant other You have DTR’ed

For your relationship with your significant other to even have a shot of surviving after moving in, you have to clearly define the relationship (DTR). You must have that talk about what you want long-term, (aka marriage or not, if you want a family, etc.) or the relationship will last as long as the lease (usually at least a year.) So, make sure your relationship has a strong foundation before you share the same roof.

deciding to live with your partner

You are With Each Other the Majority of the Time

  Do you spend the majority of nights out of the week at your partner’s house? If the answer is yes, there is a two-fold reason that it is beneficial just to get a place together. First, it is easier- instead of having to run home to get ready for work, or your partner forgetting something at your, it is just easier to have that place be the same. Second, let’s face it- times are tough financially. According to Your Personal Finance Pro, a site filled with financial advice for young professionals, it is economically savvy to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have a stable relationship. Your rent can instantly be cut in half, not to mention you can save by sharing groceries and splitting utilities.  

should i live with my partner?

You’ve Gotten Into At Least One Big Fight- And Survived

Perhaps one of the biggest humps you need to get over to have a successful relationship is that ‘first fight.’ Nothing is more telling of your partner’s true colors than when you are in a heated argument. Usually, if your relationship survives after this, congrats! You successfully made it out of the honeymoon phase and into a deeper realm of the relationship. When you can successfully argue in a way that is not disrespectful to the other person, your lines of communication are pretty strong and are better suited to withstand living with each other.

when to move in together

You Know Their Worst Qualities…And Still Love Them

Living together is a whole different ballgame than just dating. When you are dating, you have some wiggle room to leave some mystery, but once you live together, everything is out in the open. You quickly drop the ‘girls don’t poop’ facade, and your partner will know all of your nasty habits (cue drooling in your sleep). So, if you are totally and 100% comfortable with having your partner see you in your best and absolute worst states, then you are ready to move in together.

when should you move in with your partner

You Have a Genuine Friendship With One Another

If you want to cohabitate with the bf or gf, you have to realize that you will also be roommates with them. Whether it be watching your favorite TV show together or going grocery shopping with one another, you must like being in each other’s company for life’s more trivial, less romantic adventures.
There's never a better time than the present. If you're considering your next move, why not consider that move with your potential life partner? If you have any tips for couples thinking about taking the next step and moving in together, submit your entry here, or let us know in the comment section below!