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5 reasons why millennials are flocking to cities

Over the last decade, the number of millennials moving to quickly expanding cities has swelled at what seems to be an exponential rate. There’s expected to be 5 -6 million more renters added to the market over the next 10 years and, you better believe, young people are making up a large chunk of that number. In case you’re wondering what all the hoopla is about, surrounding these burgeoning cities, I’ll break it down for you. Soak it up.

Near limitless options

It’s no secret that cities tend to have better public trans than towns and local suburbs. Couple this ability to get anywhere, at almost any time of day, with the round the clock activities and venues open for business, and you have a great combo for excitement. Although every city doesn't have 24/7 life, they still tend to operate on later hours, often times encapsulating some semblance of life up until 2am. Let’s take a walk through a week in the city and you determine if you’re about this life: On Sunday, the local club has free comedy night. On Monday, you can crash dollar beer night. Tuesday presents to you open mic night at the coffee shop…Many of us know about the infamous “White Girl Wednesday” at the club...On Thursday, check out the free fashion show around the corner from work. Friday, get turnt with the homies. And, on Saturday, enjoy the day long brunches at damn near every restaurant in the city.

Sense of identity

Many folks don’t think of this when they’re deciding to move to a new place, but it begins to become important as you spend more and more time there. Every city has its own feel. Every city has its nice spots and bad spots. And, every city has made a name for itself whether it be through movies we’ve seen, music lyrics we’ve heard referencing them, or whether it merely be our preconceived notions, we’ve developed over time, about that location. The identity you draw from your place of residency is hugely vital to your feelings about the place you now call home. Do you wanna have grit like Bostonians? Attitude like New Yorkers? Hustle like Philadelphians? Or, have the swag of the folks in La La Land? It’s truly up to you. The sense of identity you develop derives from how people interact on the streets to how they cheer for their teams when the game is on. Millennials are always looking to be accepted, while being different at the same time. Cities offer them that chance.

The energy

Just the sounds, in big cities alone, are endearing. Although it may take time to get used to, there’s nothing like the sound of the subway car roaring underneath the sidewalk, the cab driver honking the second the light turns green, or the sound the sirens make as they rush past you twice a day. All this energy is embraced by the city patrons. The fast paced and action-packed days keep you on edge. There’s always someone to catch up with, events to check out, and work to be done. Many cities often have their own vibe as well. So, you can understand why people can get wrapped in the tunes of Nashville, become enamored with the fashion of Paris, and fall in love with the food of New Orleans. Every city has its flavor and each flavor adds its own layer of energy to the city landscape.

Opportunities at your fingertips

This point is more in reference to jobs, organizations, and clubs than anything else. The sheer number affect will drive the competition up whenever you find yourself in a population dense space; but, keep in mind, although there is more competition, there are still a plethora of new opportunities. While many cities are known for one or two predominant industries (ie. pharmaceuticals in Philly or nightlife in Miami), they often boast many things beyond your palate. With apps like Meetup and YPlan and with the inundation of transplants moving to cities every day, it’s no wonder why you will never go bored, if you take advantage of what’s happening around you. To put things in perspective, Austin, TX adds 170 people to its city every day and it’s still not the fastest growing city in its own state. Think of the amount of building, innovation, and fresh ideas that come along with a rapidly expanding population.

It’s just the cool thing to do

The last point isn’t truly quantifiable, but it most certainly is something most of us can agree on. Living in cities is just cool, man. Most of us dream about it. Many of us actually attempt it at one point of our lives or another, and some decide to stay away. Those that do take the opportunity to experience any city, never forget the joy, stress, and excitement it once gave them. You experience every emotion almost daily. You meet every kind of person imaginable (even some you couldn’t possibly imagine). And, you never experience a dull moment, as a result. Millennials are the most opinionated, open minded, and free flowing individuals this world has ever seen. In life, travel opens your eyes up to new ways of living, expression, and traditions. The beauty of growing up in the age of social media is that we tend to live vicariously through our friends’ and family’s excursions along their journeys. Seeing this makes us want to go out and explore for ourselves. The only place that tends to have as much action as your Twitter timeline is usually cities. Visit some, live in others; but most importantly, experience what they have to offer and take it all in. Each city is different, but you don’t appreciate it until you have your finger on its wavelength.