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5 Reasons Your Next Mattress Should be a DOZE Mattress

We all know what it feels like to sleep on the floor, on a couch, or on the $100 brick for a bed you had in college. All of that sucks. All of it. It’s the holiday season. It’s time to upgrade your goals, relationships, and your life necessities.

1.) Trade in That Brick for a ‘Cloud Wrapped in a Dream.’

We often forget how important our beds are until we feel a new one and go “Damn, I’ve been missing out.” By upgrading to a DOZE bed, your dreams will thank you, your back and neck will thank you, and most importantly, you'll put yourself in prime position to win this Cuffin Season.

2.) They offer a 75 Night Sleep Trial.

You heard that right. You have nearly three months to figure out if this is the right mattress for you. These guys aren’t playing, either. They know once you crash on the bed, you’re not giving it back. Depending on location, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your new mattress, they’ll not only give you a full refund; but they’ll also donate the mattress to a local charity in your area or recycle it responsibly.

3.) The Packaging Will Make the Manliest of Men Warm Inside.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that the box says DOZE on it, you’d probably have no idea when the bed arrived at your doorstep. The bed comes in a nice, neat, quaint box. The mattress is made in a way where it’s easily shippable and seamlessly expands to full size once released into the warmth of your home. Check out their website, there are literally comments from costumers who opted to keep the box, along with the mattress because they loved them both that much.

4.) People Love It.

On their site, they have 76 verified reviews. These are people who have purchased their mattress and have offered their time to give others insight. Of the 76 reviews, 68 are 5-star reviews. Lit. Here are a few reviews from folks all around the US:
  • David M – 5 Stars – Stomach Sleeper – “I had to write one for my Doze. I wouldn't say I have a sleep disorder, but it's always taken me a bit longer to fall asleep. I always assumed there wasn't much I could do about it, but once I upgraded my mattress game I've definitely noticed the difference. Falling asleep faster and waking up better rested! Thanks Doze team!”
  • Forrest M – 5 Stars – Wildcard Sleeper – “This bed is a cloud wrapped in a dream. Easily the best sleep I've ever gotten.”
  • Carlee B. – 5 Stars – Side Sleeper – “The box was so cute that I almost didn't want to unbox the mattress. But then I remembered I was counting down the days until I could place the giant piece of heaven on my bed frame, so I opted to unbox it. The mattress was the perfect amount of comfort without feeling like I was sleeping on a bean bag.”

5.) And, If All That Hasn’t Convinced You, Rest Assured, It’s WYL Certified.

When determining who we partner with, we’re ruthless in our pursuit of quality. There’s not a product or service we’ll refer your way that we don’t believe 100%, in our hearts, will be useful to you. We met the DOZE guys this summer and they were a blast to connect with. They really do believe in a mission centered on living your best life in the cold world and in your warm bed.  
If you got a few extra duckets hanging around this holiday season, win over a friend or family member and get them a DOZE mattress. Matter of fact, do yourself a solid and make it happen. Personal gifts are the best. For the most part, you can’t mess them up. Happy sleeping.