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5 Tips to Maximize Storage in Your Space





Living in a city has so many perks but extra storage rarely seems to be one of them. If you’re trying to make the most out of your apartment, sometimes it just takes a little bit of creativity. Even if DIY projects aren’t your strong suit, don’t worrywe’ve got some simple solutions to help you really amplify your square footage.


Think Vertically

Rather than try to organize everything at ground level, begin to look high and low for better places. Starting from the bottom, there may be extra room hiding underneath your bed; Use bed lifts to create even more space under there. Find a garbage can that fits under the sink; This not only frees up floor space but it also prevents any unwanted smells. Moving upward, you could modify your cabinets to better fit your needs—whether that means adding another shelf or a tension rod to hang things from like cleaning supplies. And don’t forget the ceiling! You could find aesthetically pleasing ways to hang your pots, pans, and plants.


Use (or Lose) That Door

Every apartment has doors, and luckily there are many products made to use this hidden gem of a space. There are endless possibilities for what you can hang on the back of a door. The coat closet could be equipped with a shoe rack, the bathroom door with toiletry baskets, the bedroom closet with a mirror, and so much more. But if your door seems to be getting in the way, removing it could be your best option. For example, if you are working with a small bedroom you might want to replace your closet door with some nice curtains to eliminate the needed space required to open a door.


Organizational Furniture

It might seem like adding more furniture to your space will only consume precious space, but the right pieces will actually help to create it. Cubed shelves make great cubby holes that can either be exposed or filled with baskets to conceal its contents—not to mention the surface area on top. A bed with headboard shelving or built in drawers becomes multifunctional. Hanging closet organizers and drawer dividers will allow you to store more things together without the clutter. If you are wanting a space to work and eat that isn’t your bed or couch, a fold down table that goes against your wall could be your saving grace. These are just a few examples on how to be savvy with your furniture.


Mount It

Free up floor space by utilizing more wall space. Your TV? That standing mirror? Those shelves? Mount them! Most things in your apartment could be transferred to your walls with a little bit of will power. Before hammering and drilling away, make sure your lease allows for it so that you don’t jeopardize your security deposit. If putting nails and screws into your walls is not an option, adhesive strips work wonders for anything that isn’t too heavy duty—while leaving your walls unblemished. A perfect substitute for a coat closet would be to place hooks at your entryway to hang up jackets, keys, and bags. 


Rent a Storage Unit

Storage units are a great option for keepsakes, excess furniture, and seasonal items that are not needed on a daily basis. They are especially helpful in times where you may be moving often and don’t want the hassle of hauling all of your possessions. A storage unit can be rented at a fairly low price (typically even lower than the cost of a parking spot in major cities!) and give you the peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure while not getting in your way. 

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