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5 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Organized


A room-by-room approach is a good strategy plan to keep your apartment organized. Living in an apartment can be tricky at times. Generally, there’s limited storage space and by the time you’re living on your own you’ve likely acquired a lot of belongings. Here are some suggestions to keep your apartment, tidy and organized.

Keep Your Kitchen in Order

Apartment living often includes a kitchen that’s on the smaller side. This makes keeping the kitchen organized a top priority. Keep your cabinets organized by using designated cabinets for dishes, glasses, serving pieces and food storage. Use plastic organizers which you can buy inexpensively. 

Another great way to stay organized, and ultimately save money, is to keep your pantry or food storage  area very neat. This way, you’re not overbuying, and you can keep a true inventory of what you need.  After you make your meals, refrain from leaving your dirty dishes piling up in the sink. This can create a mess that can spill over to other parts of the kitchen. Make a commitment to wash your dishes after every meal if you can.

Make Your Bathroom Neater

It can be difficult to maintain a sparkling bathroom but it takes time, effort and some cleaning. The shower can easily become a hotbed of grime, and your toilet often is the worst thing to clean. But, it’s part of living on your own. Make sure you have cleaning supplies and wear gloves. Schedule one hour twice a week to clean your bathroom. Beyond your cleaning responsibilities, use wicker or plastic bins to store personal care items, and keep extra rolls of toilet tissue neatly stored. Consider investing in a hanging shelf of an extra standing vanity to keep things more organized.

Make Your Bedroom Dreamier

First, make your bed every morning. That can instantly brighten up your personal space. Your bedroom should be a retreat. Don’t leave dirty laundry in piles on the floor. Purchase a small laundry hamper to keep dirty laundry out of your way. Then, pick a day of the week that will be dedicated to vacuming your rugs or dry mop your hardwoods. Put your shoes in the closet, organize your knickknacks and put them on your dresser.

Keep Your Living Room Tidy

Refrain from letting newspapers, magazines, catalogs or unspecified mail pile up on your coffee table. This mess is an eyesore in your living room. Beyond this, don’t let your living room be a parking spot for shoes, coats, or empty cardboard boxes from deliveries.  To have a tidy and clean living room, refrain from tossing  throw pillows on the floor, letting your collectibles gather dust, and leaving items out that don’t get much use. Instead, commit to spending one hour on each weekend organizing your living space.

Maximize Your Closet Space

Most apartments don’t permit you to professionally upgrade your closets, but there are ways to inexpensively upgrade them. Buy slimmer hangers, a hanging shoe organizer and buy plastic containers or varying sizes to store your bulky items. Another tip: only keep seasonal clothes in your bedroom. If you have a larger closet in your apartment, store out-of-season clothes and shoes there. If you have a locked storage locker on premises, and it’s secure, consider using that space as well. Don’t let your closet be a destination for things that you don’t intend to wear. A better approach is to donate, it can reduce clutter and at the same time you’re helping those in need.

How to Keep Your Apartment More Organized?

It will take a big commitment to keep your apartment cleaner and more organized.  Create designated times where you will clean, and invest in storage containers of varying sizes and types so things in your apartment have a space. Make little commitments like making your bed daily, putting dishes away, and putting your coat and shoes in the closet after work.

If your closet is overloaded with old clothes that you no longer plan to wear or keep, donate them. Many people will benefit from your generosity.