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5 Security Tips for Your NYC Apartment


Apartment security keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind. Though there’s a limit to what you can do as a renter to keep your apartment safe, there are a few ways to boost your security, even in New York City. 


NYC is safer today than it used to be, but you can never be too cautious with protecting yourself and your home. Safety and security should be your top priority, no matter where you live. Here are five security tips for your NYC apartment to put you at ease, whether you’re at home or away.

1. Know Your Exits


In an emergency, you want to know how to evacuate your apartment and the entire building. You may think of security as ensuring no one comes into your home to steal something, but it also involves knowing best practices if there’s a fire or if you need to get away from a dangerous person.


Most apartment buildings will probably have posted emergency escape routes. Be aware of their locations and practice the evacuation plan until you know it by muscle memory. Getting out of a threatening situation is part of preserving your well-being.

2. Check the Entrances


Entrances are just as crucial for your safety in your NYC apartment as exits. The entry points to your building and your apartment are the first line of defense, so you want to have the peace of mind of knowing they’re secure. 


Check every part of the door. Does it stay latched or locked? If not, you need to request repairs from your landlord. Is there a peephole? Do you have remote locking available? If you have a code to enter the building, ask management how often the code changes. The more frequently this happens, the more secure you will be.

3. Cover Windows


In such a highly populated area, you can’t know everyone who comes near your apartment or their intentions. Though most people already cover their windows for privacy, it’s also a good idea to do so for security reasons. 


If an intruder is looking for an opportunity to break in, they’ll often peer inside apartments for things they might find valuable. Use both blinds and curtains to provide the best coverage, and keep them shut after dark and when you’re not home. If your lights are on at night, you’ll want to block your windows from public view, so no one can see your bodily movements.

4. Store Valuable Items in a Safe


In case someone were to enter your apartment, do you have all your valuables hidden and locked up? If not, they have a higher chance of getting stolen. Investing in a safe for those items ensures they stay where they are. 


For extra security, you can ask your landlord for permission to bolt your safe to the wall. Some things you might put inside include money, jewelry, essential documents, heirlooms or firearms. Besides keeping your valuables secure, fireproof safes also prevent damage or loss to papers like passports and marriage certificates. 

5. Install a Security System


Security cameras or whole security systems will likely put your mind at ease more than any other security hacks. Cameras are only one part of a security system, but they give you access to your apartment to monitor the live feed at any time of the day.


You can install an alarm system — choose a wireless option, since most apartments won’t allow you to drill holes in the wall. Alarm systems will alert you to danger and scare off potential intruders. Some alarms can even warn you of dangerous gas or carbon monoxide leaks. 


Talk to your landlord if you live in a property without existing building security. If you don’t want to pursue DIY security measures, they might be willing to look into options for their rentals. After all, it’s in the best interest of both parties to avoid break-ins and privacy issues.

How to Stay Secure in Your NYC Apartment

Choosing security lowers your risk of a burglar entering your home and raises your comfort level. With these tips, you’ll feel safe and secure, whether you live in an apartment in bustling NYC or a rural area. It’s better to be overly cautious than not safe at all.