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5 Apartment Design Trends for 2021


Every year, trends for apartment design shift and change with the times. While you don’t need to give your apartment a complete overhaul every year when new trends pop up, trends can definitely help you understand your own style and figure out what you like.


If you have a defined style already, these trends of 2021 might not do much for you. However, there’s always room for a pleasant surprise. After the hectic year that 2020 has been, this year is all about doing what feels right for you, and that includes the space you live in.


Whether you want to embark on an entire DIY dream or you’re looking to add a bit of extra comfort, these apartment design trends could be worth keeping an eye on.

1. Bold Wall Colors


2021 is a year of going for what you want, embracing your desires, and living your truth. So it makes sense that bold wall colors are coming back into vogue.


While accent walls and pastels have made some waves, the past few years have been about keeping things neutral and minimalistic. White walls have their place, but bold colors are the perfect opportunity to show personality and charm. You can explore every shade, from deep, dark tones to vibrant yellows and oranges.


Most renters can’t paint their apartments. In this case, going bold with rich tapestries and classy wall stickers can help add a little pop without risking your security deposit. 

2. Light Wood Tones


Dark woods and industrial materials have been all the rage throughout the past few years, but they could be on their way out in 2021. Lighter woods like bamboo and lighter oaks, on the other hand, are making their way into the mainstream.


Blonde woods are much warmer and homier, which often makes them more inviting and comfortable than dark woods or clean black and white pieces. Light woods can also carry a bit of a vintage vibe, which also seems to be making a comeback in 2021.

3. Vintage Charm


While vintage style often sticks around for a certain percentage of the population who always loves a bit of antique flair, certain vintage traits have been making their way into the mainstream for 2021.


Specifically, 1980s-style home decor has been getting a bit more popular recently, between floral bedding, mirrors, wallpaper, and tropical prints. Plus, big plushy couches and furniture from the ‘80s just scream “comfort.” Light wood tones can also be a part of vintage decor, which is a great way to combine some of this year’s trends.

4. Natural Light Abounds

Is it any surprise that large windows and airy spaces are all the rage? Natural light can brighten up a space, support the growth of houseplants and even regulate your serotonin production. Renters can take advantage of what their windows offer by decorating with mirrors and light colors that create a reflective effect around the apartment.


Plus, natural light can have a positive impact on your energy bills. Brightening up your space reduces your need to flick on the lights throughout the day. Making eco-friendly switches around the apartment can help you live more sustainably and be a bit kinder to the environment.

5. Comfort is Key

If staying home through so much of 2020 has proven one thing, it’s that homes should prioritize comfort — whether your home is a house or an apartment.


Additions like fluffy chairs, comfortable furniture, pillows, and blankets are all the rage for 2021. Not only are comfortable pieces great for functionality, but the mix of textiles and textures can also be wonderful for creating captivating visual layers.

2021 Apartment Trends


Decorating your space any year should be about more than just following the trends, but knowing what’s coming into fashion can give you inspiration for details you may love. 2021 is all about comfort and kindness, and you can use your own personal style to further those ideas. Which 2021 apartment trend is your favorite?