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4 Reasons WYL Partnered with Allstate…Again

Last fall, Allstate joined up with WYL to spread the word about the need for renters’ insurance amongst millennials. The premise was simple: over 80% of our user base are considered millennial renters and they all have a good amount of stuff that needs protection from unforseen disasters like a fire or burglary. We’re not a company that picks partners all willy-nilly, so we felt it important to share four reasons why we chose to work with the Allstate team, again. Peep them below:

1. Best renters’ insurance on the market

According to The Simple Dollar, in its 2017 review of the top renters’ insurance companies out there, they ranked Allstate number one due to its seamless policy mgmt and online technical tools that make renters’ lives a breeze. With Allstate’s Digital Locker, renters can legit take pictures of everything they own and store that information for easy access if they end up having to file a claim. Your app becomes a breathing manifesto cataloging what you have. Pretty smooth, if you ask me.

2. Supporting HBCUs

Yep, you read that right. For eight years running, through its Quotes for Education Program, Allstate has pledged $250,000 in scholarships to the Tom Joyner Foundation assisting students in attending Historically Black Colleges/Universities across the US. This is huge to WYL because 2/3 of our founding team are young black men. HBCUs have historically faced undercapitalization and a lack of resources. This often happens to companies and artistic productions led by African Americans, as well – often having to rely on shoestring budgets and tight fiscal responsibility as they try to expand aggressively. Helping fund people towards their dreams is HUGE and we respect that tremendously.

3. Technology, technology, technology

We’re a generation depicted by our Macs, iPhones, Galaxies, iPads, Apple TVs, portable speakers, Keurig machines, and unfailing search for our misplaced phone chargers. The cost of these items adds up, monetarily and emotionally. Think about it: getting a phone stolen not only sucks because it cost money, but losing all those text messages you’ve exchanged with your partner?? That’s the worst…Allstate’s renters’ insurance has got your back. Nab a policy and keep your stuff protected.

4. It’s cheap – yet quality nonetheless

We’d never recommend anything to you that wouldn’t make your life better. You can legit protect all your stuff, each month, for what it’d cost you to grab one six-pack of your buddy’s favorite craft beer. Renters’ insurance is one of the most economically sound decisions you can make. Why risk it all when you don’t have to? If you’re interested in hearing horror stories about people who didn’t insulate themselves when they had the chance and paid for it dearly, check here.

Now, do yourself a favor and get protection for your things.