Unafraid to make the world her runway, Liris Crosse is nothing short of a renaissance woman. As an actress, creator, producer, writer, speaker, and plus size model, Liris has made appearances in publications such as American Vogue, Essence, British Cosmopolitan, and Vibe.

In addition to her appearances in publications, Liris has also appeared in store campaigns for Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant, television shows such as Project Runway and The Wire, and films such as Baby Boy and The Best Man.


In this episode of our Take Ownership Podcast, Liris talks to us about resetting and rebooting, investing time in doing adequate research, and what it takes for her to cultivate her online community.

Resetting and Rebooting…

You need to be able to reset. You need to be able to restore yourself” says Liris. It’s important to understand that when you are an entrepreneur and feel as though your energy is off, it may be time for a vacation.


In addition, Liris mentions, “Have a conversation with God. Knowing who we are inside, our triggers, and what we need for our self is worth having a moment away.” For example, earlier this year Liris went on a trip to Miami for a few days. She told herself that she needed to reboot. Since then, things have been on an amazing path for her.

Doing The Research…

“For me, I like to learn from the best,” says Liris. “We need to research. It doesn’t take that long. In this day and age, it just seems like everyone wants to call themselves an expert. People don’t want to take five seconds to Google the credentials of someone. You need to research the people who are saying that they want to help you or teach you.”


According to Liris, it’s important to pose questions to those who you are looking to learn from. Some examples of questions you may want to ask are: “What have they achieved?”, “What can they say that they have accomplished?”, and “Where are they going?” Overall, Liris encourages everyone to just do their research!


Cultivating Her Community…

“One of the things that I truly try to do is respond to people,” says Liris. “I try to treat people how I would like to be treated.” Liris also understands that there is power in community. “It’s not just about me, it’s about so much more,” says Liris. “This is why I try to engage people.”


As a result, Liris has become great friends with people who she has met through social media. Liris goes on to mention, “You never know who is watching you. You never know who can connect you with other people. You never know who you can do business with. I think that it is really important to engage and treat people how you want to be treated. When we do this, people feel like they are a part of your journey, acknowledged, appreciated, and seen.”


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