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2017's WORST Landlords in Philadelphia

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Below, are the worst landlords and property management companies in Philadelphia this year. All the information provided is based on user generated reviews collected on The list comes complete with the average score, renter recommendation percentage, and a recent renter review.

1. Yamit Haba

Landlord score (out of 5): 2.1 Renter recommendation % (out of 100%): 0% Renter comment: "Yameet did not set up Wifi until our third month in the apartment (We asked weekly).We cleaned the apartment and left it in better shape than when we moved in and only received half of our security deposit back. Her brothers and workers would come in the apartment with no heads up and I'm pretty sure entered when we weren't there. There was mold that was painted over in both bedrooms and bathroom. There were multiple mice as well. She was the worst landlord you could ever imagine and I would look elsewhere."  

2. Shalini Barack

Landlord score: 2.1 Renter recommendation %: 0% Renter comment: "This landlord is the worst. She doesn't care about her tenants or even her building, all she cares about is her rent checks. Even the people she sends out to fix our many problems dislike working with her. We had squirrels in our ceilings for months with only the very minimal done to fix it. They would reset the traps every 2 weeks even though we called to say the food and traps were set off after only hours of them being there. I had to threaten my landlord with a lawsuit before she sent an exterminator to get rid of the roaches we moved into..." continue reading here  

3. Stephen Crane

Landlord score: 2.5 Renter recommendation %: 23% Renter comment: "Absolute disaster. The building is held together by safety pins and duct tape. Not sure where to even begin listing problems. Roach infestation, leaking ceilings, broken appliances, mice and rats, and ILLEGAL construction going on inside our unit with less than 24 hours notice. Windows separating from wall, floor uneven, holes in foundation and wall. Astronomical heating bill with zero heat. He's a nice guy, and you can get away with doing literally ANYTHING you want in your apartment, but it's a slum building owned by a slum lord. Stay away!!! The rent is low for a reason."  

4. Phyllis Weinstock

Landlord score: 2.7 Renter recommendation %: 36% Renter comment: “Phyllis is the worst! if you want to rent from her you are digging your own grave. She was rude, FAKE and disrespectful. I once woke up with a MOUSE IN MY BED!!!!! Our apartment was full of them! Those are the only tenants she maintains! Promises were made, NONE were followed. STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY and STAY AWAY more!!!!”  

5. Newport Management Corp

Landlord score: 2.8 Renter recommendation %: 28%

Renter comment: "DO NOT make the same mistake I did. This was not my first year as a college student, yet it was my first at temple U. I rented my current property because it was brand new, and the rent was fairly cheap. Our move in date was pushed two weeks back, and the house was not completely finished once we did finally move in. Lease agreements were not respected and I had to fight for the terms that I initially had discussed with the 'manager'..." Continue reading here


6. Shawn Bullard

Landlord score: 3.0 Renter recommendation %: 41% Renter comment: “the absolute worst landlord and apartment I have ever lived in. he's very very unprofessional and if you're a female, he will do everything in his power to belittle and disrespect you. he's cool at first, but don't let it fool you. he doesn't care about his tenants. all the work he does on his houses are half-assed, something is always breaking in my apartment. he comes by unannounced all the time and will only listen to your concerns if you threaten lawsuit or get your parents involved. just don't do it to yourself. Stay far FAR away from this man.”  

7. Gnr Property management

Landlord score: 3.1 Renter recommendation %: 25% Renter comment: "When requesting maintenance on appliances GNR took several days to respond, the locks on the front door to enter building was easy to break into, resulting in a homeless man staying in the building and urinating in the laundry room, wife did not reach all rooms, and to top it off we cleaned the whole apartment like asked, left very minimal trash in kitchen and was charged 600 for cleaning. My one roommate got all of his security deposit back, my other half and I received $50 dollars out of 500..." Continue reading here  

8. Peter Crawford

Landlord score: 3.1 Renter Recommendation %: 35% Renter comment: "Peter Crawford will do anything to take your deposit. One other roommate had nothing wrong with her room but another tenant purposely messed up the room after she moved out so they could replace the carpet and have an excuse to keep the deposit. I also heard this has happened many times in the past! There were times I felt very unsafe in the house, not to mention I had to find another place to live after the bedbug infestation which Crawford blamed me for, keeping my deposit!! Worst experience, don't don't DON'T rent from him."  

9. N Property Group

Landlord score: 3.2 Renter Recommendation %: 13% Renter comment: "This is the worst renting experience I've ever had in my life. When I moved in it took multiple maintenance requests to get a plumbing situation in my bathroom fixed, a garbage disposal which was promised but never installed, and an exterminator which was needed in summer months to eradicate flies and never showed up. If you are a student who's renting with them they will take advantage of you. Absolutely awful."  

10. Philly Properties Group

Landlord score: 3.2 Renter Recommendation %: 20% Renter comment: "There are many better options out there for landlords and property groups. They rarely give 24 hours notice before entering the apartment- sometimes even send the notices in the middle of the given time frame (negative notice given). I wish I had researched this group more before signing the lease. The furniture is cheap and they make you pay for expensive repairs for things that are out of your control. The things they told us were going to be finished before moving in were not (repainting doors/walls, checking for broken furniture)..." Continue reading here  

11. Walnut Realty Group

Landlord score: 3.2 Renter recommendation %: 28% Renter comment: "I read these terrible reviews before I rented a property with Walnut because I thought "hmm I'm moving into one of there new places, so I'm sure they have made changes to satisfy these complaints" but I was DEAD F**KING WRONG. This company only wants your money and will lie, cheat, deceive, not respond and be just plain rude to you so they get it. My roommate and I gave them a security deposit in June and they told us the new apartment would be done by October, but once they had our money they ceased all communication with us..." Continue reading here  

12. Jialin Wang

Landlord score: 3.4 Renter recommendation %: 17% Renter comment: "Do not rent from Jialin wang. She is completely unprofessional and unreasonable. She refuses to give 100% of the security deposit back after following all guidelines and a discussion about the security deposit during the walkthrough on move out days. She harasses her tenants via text message even after they've moved out."
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