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2015's 10 WORST Landlords in Philadelphia

WhoseYourLandlord’s mission is to make quality living the standard for all. To do this, we create a transparent conversation between tenants and landlords. Tenants, both current and previous, have the opportunity to rate and review their landlord. This gives prospective tenants the opportunity to see what other tenants thought of that property and the landlord, as well as landlords to respond to the reviews.
Below, are the landlords and properties in the city of Philadelphia with the WORST ratings and reviews on Whose Your Landlord. Each is complete with their average score and an excerpt of their reviews. While going through each review on WhoseYourLandlord, there are many common themes. Respect, communication, and transparency are three of the biggest factors that dictate what list these landlords fall on. See if your landlord or property falls on this list, and review your landlord so your peers will be informed before move-in day.

1.8 Shalini Barack

“You should never, I repeat NEVER rent from her and her husband. I’ve never met more disrespectful and awful people in my life! There was always an issue we needed to address with her. Workers came in without Them. They came in without notice. They even took some of my stuff and put it out for the trash!! Not respectful people I hope they go out of business ASAP.”

1.8 Kardon Atlantic Apartment

“Constantly losing maintenance requests. The place is severely poorly ventilated. They’re known to double your rent costs when you look to renew. They get you in with a small amount and then jack it up last minute.”

1.8 Yamit Haba

“Yamit would not respond to our emails and calls until days after. She left holes in our ceiling for over a year after there was a leak in the bathroom above. She put off calling an exterminator for months and never had a professional company come. She allowed her employees to enter our unit without ever contacting us. Lastly, she never returned our security deposit until we took her to court 3 months after handing in our keys. She is completely incompetent and expects her tenants to pay for all of the maintenance on her properties. She will lie to you about everything and never be on time. She just makes up damages and thinks she can deduct any amount she chooses from your security deposit. Don’t be afraid to take her to court, you will definitely win.”

1.9 Sterling Apartment Houses

“Construction is awfully run. They reserve the right to move you at any moment in time if the construction finds it way to your front door. (THIS ALREADY HAPPENED TO ME). There’s a lot of little sh*t packed in the lease, so be aware of that! …..You’re also only allowed 1 guest pass. What’s the point of a deck if only you and a friend can be up there? It doesn’t make sense.”

2.0 Phyllis Weinstock

“RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Unresponsive.. Cheap.. Manipulating.. Dishonest.. Nasty.. unreliable.. just a few words to describe Phyllis Weinstock. A total scam artist. She completely takes advantage of the young adult college students that rent from her. She does not return calls… she makes up $ amounts for repairs she claims took place.. she manipulates the things you say to her or ask her for.. she is currently trying to steal our security deposit for “repairs she made” aka DIDNT MAKE and for “damage to the apartment” THAT WAS THERE WHEN WE MOVED IN.. this woman is a total nightmare. A true life.. real deal slumlord!! I do not have a nice word to say about this lady. DO NOT LEASE FROM HER… YOU WILL BE SORRY!!! As far as the ONE AND ONLY good comment below.. after dealing with her back and forth for so long.. it is CLEARLY HER. Her wording is unique! All of us reviewers can’t be wrong.. read this..think .. and make a smart educated decision. PHYLLIS IS A DISASTER!!”

2.2 Rent Campus

“Extremely unprofessional. Everybody blames somebody else. “Oh the landlord was supposed to… no the broker was responsible. .. it wasn’t me, it wasn’t us…. Try to end the lease and we’ll sue you!!!” They rarely answer after you sign the lease but are always annoyed when you ask for things you were promised, Internet, maintenance, KEYS TO PROPERTY!”

2.2 Dmitry Yukhananov

“Showed up without letting us know. Never fixed things that were broken. Always said the place was dirty and would threaten to withhold our security deposit for various reasons. If I didn’t answer a phone call he would call over and over again, even when I was in class or working or not in Philly.”

2.4 Kendall Singleton

“He made up a bunch of reasons to keep our security deposit and tried charging us $2,000, which he couldn’t do within the lease. The only reason he kept our security deposit is because he’s broke after getting caught being involved in a Comcast scam. Stay far, far away…”

2.5 Peter Crawford

“The apartment we moved into was covered in dust, dirt, and trash from the previous students who lived there. Peter Crawford told us to clean it up ourselves. We had a huge mold problem in the bathroom, and it was fixed a few months into the lease. There was a large rusty nail sticking out of one of the steps, and a friend of mine cut her foot really badly on it. The nail was never fixed or removed. We just put tape over it to avoid it. There were things like a light fixture missing when we first moved in, which contributed to us never getting our security deposit back. When we asked for a list of the reasons of why we did not get our deposit back, he sent us a list of things that were already problems when we first moved in. We showed him pictures of these problems with dates on them, and he completely avoided us after that. DO NOT RENT FROM PETER CRAWFORD.”

2.6 Sunil Darji

“He is a Temple Alum that is only out for money from prospective students. Note that he makes very inappropriate comments to females behind their backs. He referred to our roommates as the “ugly” one and “pretty” one. Note that he is a face for many bad Landlords while he is just a Realtor your most likely getting a less than suitable place from him. For my case, the place he put me in was in fact illegal as many of the essential emergency exits are locked and 2 bedrooms did not have windows. Also repeatedly he took down my information wrong such as the wrong number and the wrong email (Even after I emailed him) and directed me and my roommate to send money to the wrong place.(Even wrote it wrong on the lease he even gave us). We almost got evicted due to this. At the end of the day I feel like I won’t be getting my security deposit back just for being in a place this poor. TU Students and even natives to North Philadelphia beware, play it safe and avoid this guy altogether.” See how your landlord ranks and post a review today!